Ivy League Teaching Assistant Says She Calls On Black Women First, White Men Last

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Woman ponders why teachers are allowed to get away with implementing racist and sexist policies at one of America's preeminent institutions. (Shutterstock/Billion Photos)

‘If I have to, white men’

Dartmouth Student Group Demands Punishment For Students Who Report This Crime

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Confused or incredulous student (Shutterstock/Katia Fonti)

‘Should result in disciplinary actions’

Dartmouth Student Wants Financial Aid And Legal Fees For Illegal Immigrant Students

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Looking down the Dartmouth Green with trees beginning to show fall colors and a blue sky with puffy white clouds on a nice autumn day the Baker Library and its bell tower is in the background (Shutterstock/Dan Lewis)

‘Provide legal fees for students and family members who are under threat of deportation’

$2.6 Million Spent By Ivy League On Hillary. Trump? $15,000

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Happy Businesswoman under money rain. (Shutterstock/MilanMarkovic78)

Total contributions to Trump from Brown University: $40

Ivy League School Holds Segregated Graduation Ceremonies For Black, Latino And Gay Students

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public domain/Library of Congress, Shutterstock/Mike Liu

Don’t worry. The ceremonies are separate but equal

Fancypants Ivy League Is Sick And Tired Of All These Other Schools Recruiting Middle School Athletes

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Harvard Yale Ivy League Getty Images/Jim Rogash

‘Our concern is that prospects are making decisions they come to regret’

Students At This Ivy League University Are Studying Fat People Dancing

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An overweight woman walks at the 61st Montgomery County Agricultural Fair on August 19, 2009 in Gaithersburg, Maryland. At USD 150 billion, the US medical system spends around twice as much treating preventable health conditions caused by obesity than it does on cancer, Health Secretary Kathleen Sebelius said. Two-thirds of US adults and one in five children are overweight or obese, putting them at greater risk of chronic illness like heart disease, cancer, stroke and diabetes, according to reports released recently at the "Weight of the Nation" conference. TIM SLOAN/AFP/Getty Images

‘How might fat be a liberating counterperformance?’

College FLIPS OUT Over Flyer Selling Indian-Themed Gear

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Dartmouth Indian shirt [CafePress]

A “premeditated act of racism”

Hillary Clinton Is CRUSHING IT With Donations At America's Fancypants Ivy League Schools

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Hillary Clinton Ivy League Donations

‘Hillary’s values and Yale’s values are pretty similar in many ways’

Yale Professor Seeks To Abolish The Word 'Master'

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Everything is racist [Creative Commons]

Word has too much ‘racial and gendered weight’

Ivy League Professor Tweets Then Deletes Racial Tweet

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Then she blocked her Twitter page AGAIN

Feminists film gross-out lesbian porno in Ivy League library

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Initiation / Initiation screenshot

All the basics: Naked lesbian kissing, BDSM, milk, eggs

Cornell: We are all Jose Jimenez

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Mariachi/Getty Images edited

I’m offended, I’m offended, I’m offended

Ivy League schools sue recent graduates over loan repayments

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By not repaying loans, ‘the government or the school comes after them very aggressively’

Outlandish college courses: the Ivy League Dirty Dozen

Opinion | Kate L. Edwards
Dartmouth College. Photo - public domain

What the best and brightest in the free world are studying

96 percent of Ivy League presidential donations were for Obama

Elections | Laura Byrne
Barack Obama

Ivy League schools donated over $1.2 million to Obama, $114,166 to Romney

Beltway universities feed lobbyists' revolving door - TheDCNF

Daily Caller News Foundation | Michael Bastasch

Which universities produce the most “revolving door lobbyists” in 2011? Four of the top five are inside the Washington Beltway, including Georgetown University, George Washington University, American University and Catholic University of America, the Center for Responsive Politics found. Surprised? It seems location matters more than college ranking. The top school Georgetown produced 187 lobbyists […]

Some Asians' college strategy: Don't check 'Asian' - AP

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‘Asian-American is more a scale or a gradient than a discrete combination. I think it’s a choice,’ one Asian-American says