Ky. Democrat Wants A 'Sanctuary State' Exempt From EPA Rules

Energy | Michael Bastasch
Members of United Mine Workers of America hold a rally outside the U.S. EPA headquarters in Washington in October 2014. The coal industry is expected to suffer another tumultuous year as natural gas prices and tighter federal pollution rules make it harder for coal to compete. (Reuters)

If cities can ignore immigration laws, why can’t states ignore EPA rules?

Democrats Blaming 'Trump-Mania' For Kentucky Gubernatorial Loss

Politics | Alex Pappas
Donald Trump Town Hall

‘Unexpected headwinds’

Republican Businessman Wins Kentucky Governor's Race In Upset

Politics | Reuters

Matt Bevin wins by solid margin

Lawmakers Want Kentucky To Ban Forced Union Dues

Business | Connor D. Wolf
LANSING, MI, - DECEMBER 11: Union members from around the country rally at the Michigan State Capitol to protest a vote on Right-to-Work legislation December 11, 2012 in Lansing, Michigan. Republicans control the Michigan House of Representatives, and Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder has said he will sign the bill if it is passed. The new law would make requiring financial support of a union as a condition of employment illegal. (Photo by Bill Pugliano/Getty Images)

‘The best thing that we can do is to create an environment where Kentucky is a place where companies want to come and to operate’

Kids Of Gay Couples Find Their Voice -- Will SCOTUS Listen?

Opinion | Robert Oscar Lopez
People wait in line to enter the U.S. Supreme Court in Washington

The evidence for gay parenting is mixed, but don’t ask Republican lawyers.

MSNBC's Olbermann to return Tuesday - AP

Entertainment | admin

MSNBC had suspended the liberal host because he had given money to three Democratic candidates in the 2010 midterm elections

Opinion: Olbermann was wronged - TheDC

Opinion | John Guardiano

Everyone knows that Keith Olbermann is biased. He shouldn’t be fired for making campaign contributions.

Republican establishment elites are wrong

Feature:Opinion | David Bossie

Jim DeMint is not to blame for the GOP’s failure to gain control of the Senate.

Bring me an aspirin, Keith Olbermann - TheDC

| Ruth Graham

We watch, because we’re paid to

TheDC Election Analysis: Paul becomes first Tea Party senator, strikes defiant tone - TheDC

Politics | Jon Ward

Says Americans want to know why they have to balance budgets but Washington doesn’t

Paul: Government 'broken,' Dems and GOP 'untrustworthy' - TheDC

Politics | Alexis Levinson

Rand Paul, the Republican candidate for Kentucky’s Senate seat, said Tuesday that neither party has earned the trust of voters

Palin pounds 'puppy-kicking' Politico for heavy use of anonymous sources - TheDC

Politics | Jonathan Strong

Palin calls Politico and other liberal media outlets ‘puppy-licking, chain-smoking porn producers’

Early clues: What to watch in Tuesday's elections - AP

Politics | admin

Final results in some states might not be known for days but trends could be evident even before most of the nation has finished dinner

The political boob tube - TheDC

Politics | Jon Ward

How Aqua Buddha, shooting cap and trade (literally), and a witch ad decided three Senate races

Conway's accusations about Paul's NoZe Brotherhood 'A little outlandish' - TheDC

Politics | Christopher Harrell

Conway’s accusations about Paul’s NoZe Brotherhood ‘a stretch’

Kentucky voters receive calls saying Paul hates Christianity - AP

Politics | Chad Brady (admin)

Democrat Jack Conway has called Rand Paul’s religion into question over a college prank Paul participated in

A state-by-state glance at Tuesday's election - AP

Politics | admin

A look at the key races in the 50 states

Obama: Paul should not be held responsible for stomper - TheDC

Politics | Alex Pappas

President Obama says candidates shouldn’t be responsible for supporters’ actions

Poll: Jack Conway 'Aqua Buddha' ad backfired - TheDC

Politics | Chris Moody

Support for Conway has plunged over the past few weeks, and he now trails Paul by double digits

Paul on scuffle: Let's keep it civil - TheDC

Politics | Alex Pappas

The Kentucky’s GOP nominee for the Senate is seeking to distance himself from last night’s scuffle between his supporters and a activist