Hollywood Maxes On Out Donations To Alison Lundergan Grimes

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‘You couldn’t find a collection of people anywhere in America who are more hostile to Kentucky values’

Church of Climatology: Harrison Ford says he found 'in nature a kind of God'

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Ford poses at the premiere of "Ender's Game" at the TCL Chinese theatre in Hollywood

‘Nature doesn’t need people’

Not all environmentalists thrilled by James Cameron's global warming film

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James Cameron

Liberals say it will be a ‘landmark television series, like Ken Burns’ ‘The Civil War”

Jack didn't have to die! [VIDEO] - TheDC

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Mythbusters proves that ‘Titanic’ didn’t have to end tragically: Both Jack and Rose could have fit on the wooden plank

Kate Winslet's 'Titanic' screen test video emerges - HuffPo

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(AP Photo)

15 years after its premiere, James Cameron’s ‘Titanic’ will be released on Blu-ray, which includes Kate Winslet’s never-before-seen screen test

Asteroid mining venture aims to add trillions to global GDP - TheDC

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Asteroid Mission

Planetary Resources will mine water, platinum and other precious metals from near-Earth approaching asteroids.

James Cameron and Google executives to launch asteroid mining company - WSJ

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Asteroid Mission

Asteroid mining could take several forms, including sending humans in a spacecraft to an asteroid so they could explore and mine it.

James Cameron nerdifies 'Titanic' 3D reboot [VIDEO] - TheDC

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The ‘Avatar’ director made a slight change from the original version of the classic film

'Avatar' creator slapped with $2.5 billion lawsuit - TheDC

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In third separate lawsuit against ‘Avatar,’ screenwriter says the mega-hit was his idea

Disney to open 'Avatar'-themed areas at amusement parks - TheDC

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Disney Avatar

First site at Animal Kingdom emphasizes ‘living in harmony with nature’

James Cameron: 'Avatar' sequels will generate jobs - TheDC

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Director James Cameron says filming ‘Avatar’ sequels in U.S. will create hundreds of jobs for Americans

3-D erotic comedy shakes up Hong Kong box office - AP

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‘Sex and Zen’ beat the first-day cash record set by James Cameron’s ‘Avatar’

'The Roommate' beats 'Sanctum' at Friday Box Office - The Hollywood Reporter

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Both opening this weekend, ‘The Roommate’ topped ‘Sanctum’ at the Friday Box Office. ‘The Roommate’ tells the story of a female college freshman who has an obsessive, possessive roommate

James Cameron reveals dates for 'Avatar' sequels - EW

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The Oscar-winning film for Best Picture will return in 2014, says director James Cameron

Betty White voted AP entertainer of the year - AP

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After a year remarkable for a star of any age, White has been voted the Entertainer of the Year by members of The Associated Press

California set to 'defeat energy rationing' - TheDC

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California voters could reverse state level regulations modeled after Kyoto Protocol

Cameron returns to space with 2 'Avatar' sequels - AP

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James Cameron will start writing the scripts for two ‘Avatar’ sequels early next year, aiming to land the first one in theaters four years from now

Cameron: I want to compete with 'Star Wars' and Tolkien - LAT

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The ubiquitous ‘Avatar’ pulled in $2.4 billion in worldwide box office, which raises the question of who the target audience is for the release of ‘Avatar: Special Edition’

Of smurf and swine: James Cameron should read The Daily Caller

Opinion | Tim Daniel

The creator of “Avatar” has once again mocked the people that have made his success possible.

Global warming skeptics are "swine" to James Cameron - The Aspen Times

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Filmmaker Cameron, in Aspen, has harsh words for global warming skeptics