Does John Kerry think Canada is more dangerous than Iran?

Opinion | Christopher Bedford
John Kerry boards his plane in Geneva last November. Reuters/Jason Reed.

More blood for tar sands

Spending bill strips funding for White House climate czar, handicaps EPA

Daily Caller News Foundation | Michael Bastasch
Barack Obama

Republicans push back against environmentalists

Inhofe: 'Fewer and fewer' senators believe in global warming

Daily Caller News Foundation | Michael Bastasch
James Inhofe

‘It is a hoax’

Republicans use unemployment extension bill to thwart EPA

Daily Caller News Foundation | Michael Bastasch
James Inhofe
'Obama administration's costly regulatory agenda'

What a TEA PARTY presidential administration would LOOK like [SLIDESHOW]

Politics | Koala McDidgeridoo

Start with President Ted Cruz

Republican Sen. Jim Inhofe has emergency heart surgery

Politics | Alex Pappas

‘Look folks, this is serious’

Sen. Coburn: 'I am a global warming denier'

Daily Caller News Foundation | Michael Bastasch
Tom Coburn

‘I don’t deny that’

Inhofe: White House improperly coordinating with OFA activists

Daily Caller News Foundation | Michael Bastasch
James Inhofe

‘There seems to be a coincidental coordination between the White House, the President’s campaign, and the liberal media’

Inhofe to Hagel: Why does Iran back your nomination? [VIDEO]

Politics | Jamie Weinstein
James Inhofe

Hagel answers: ‘I have a difficult enough time with American politics, senator’

Inhofe: Pentagon leaks about women in combat 'unacceptable'

Politics | Caroline May
Leon Panetta

Senator says plans were leaked ‘prior to Congress being briefed’

Senators send dueling messages to Qatar climate conference

Politics | Caroline May
Climate Talks Green Islam

Sens. Boxer, Inhofe argue relevance of climate change confab

Inhofe smacks Obama administration for ignoring law, failing to publish regulatory agenda - TheDC

Politics | Caroline May
Jim Inhofe

OK Sen. says White House keeping America in the dark about regs

Free-market think tank sues Treasury Dept. for withholding internal carbon tax documents - TheDCNF

Business | Michael Bastasch

Former Rep. Bob Inglis has been pushing a revenue-neutral carbon tax on the right

Inhofe: GOP will take Senate, including Missouri - TheDC

Politics | Caroline May
James Inhofe

‘I know a lot of people have said Missouri was a setback, but I think we are still going to pull off Missouri’

Dumpster fire, not global warming, melted Oklahoma streetlamps - TheDC

Politics | Caroline May
Photos from KFOR-TV / Senate EPW Committee and ThinkProgress

‘These alarmists never learn their lesson’

Inhofe: Navy 'publicity stunt' squandered millions, put sailors' lives at risk - TheDC

Politics | Melissa Quinn
James Inhofe

Great Green Fleet pageant used taxpayer money on hats, biofuel, paint jobs for ships

Inhofe: Obama urging defense contractors 'to disobey the law' - TheDC

Politics | Melissa Quinn
Barack Obama Marine

Obama’s Department of Labor sent a letter deterring defense contractors from notifying employees of potential layoffs

Sen. Inhofe: Obama forced military to allow uniformed troops in gay pride parade - TheDC

Politics | Melissa Quinn
Gay Pride Parade

‘The Department of Defense isn’t allowing this to go on, it’s the president’

Global-warming ice sculpture protest canceled in embarrassment for green group - TheDC

Politics | Caroline May
Polar Bears Climate

Critic: ‘The possibility the ice would not melt fast enough for a convincing photo-op loomed large’

Inhofe alleges propaganda tactics in 'Big Green Environmental Handbook' - TheDC

Politics | Caroline May
Child with asthma

‘It is not unusual to see her on the Senate floor with a visual of a little child holding an asthma inhaler’