Amendment To Allow Illegals In The Military Keeps On Trucking, Republicans Gear Up For A Big Fight

Politics | Jonah Bennett

‘To jam this amnesty provision into the NDAA goes beyond the pale’

Our MIA president

Feature:Opinion | James Carafano

President Obama seems to have checked out on foreign policy.

Congress must avoid ham-fisted defense cuts

Editorial | James Carafano

It’s good that members want to rein in spending, but they need to be careful not to make cuts that undermine our security.

Middle East for dummies

Editorial | James Carafano

There’s no simple narrative that accounts for what’s happening in the Middle East.

JAMES CARAFANO: The top 10 reasons why New START is a non-starter - TheDC

Feature:Opinion | James Carafano

New START is a deeply flawed, counterproductive treaty that demonstrates this administration’s failure to keep its eye on the nuclear ball.

Woodshedding the woodshedders

Opinion | James Carafano

Let’s keep the focus where it belongs: on the question of whether this White House is doing the right things to keep the nation safe, free, and prosperous.

DOD Buzz dumbs down defense debate

Opinion | James Carafano

The Tea Party isn’t trying to gut the defense budget. The Obama administration, though, is.

Tea Party on New Start: more right than Rogin

Opinion | James Carafano

Josh Rogin has ridiculed Tea Partiers for their anti-New Start arguments, but most of his “gotchas” are either misleading or plain wrong.

New START puts no limits on missile defense

Feature:Opinion | William D. Hartung

Baker Spring, following the lead of his Heritage Foundation colleague James Jay Carafano, has misrepresented the relationship between missile defense and the new Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty with Russia (New START)

New START, on the merits

Editorial | William D. Hartung

In his July 29 opinion piece, James Jay Carafano of the Heritage Foundation takes issue with my support for the new Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (New START) with Russia. But if one looks at the case for the treaty on the merits, his arguments against it are unpersuasive

Playing politics with national security

Opinion | James Carafano

William Hartung, Director of the Arms and Security Initiative at the New America Foundation, has come up with what he seems to think is a clincher argument for why the Senate should approve the New START treaty: Conservatives are against it

Tea Party must tackle defense issues

Editorial | James Carafano

The rallying cry of the Tea Party Movement has been fiscal responsibility and limited government. It appeals across a broad spectrum of the electorate, but falls far short of addressing core issues of governance

Five reasons to hate New START

Opinion | James Carafano

Lawmakers should be under no illusions that New START is anything other than old problems in a new package

Will Tea Partiers fall for defense spending-cut ruse?

Opinion | James Carafano

Tea Party leaders might have noticed that, when it comes to spending cuts, the White House’s only target is the defense budget. Apparently, all other government spending is the model of efficiency

Washington’s problem: Can’t count

Opinion | James Carafano

Maybe we could all sleep more soundly if the geniuses at the top could just figure out how the whole integer thing works. Sadly, they don’t seem to be able to distinguish arithmetic from magic. Thus, our security, prosperity, and freedom are in greater jeopardy today than they were just a year ago.

The Cargo-Screening Clog: Why the Maritime Mandate Needs to Be Re-examined

| admin

Cargo must be checked–but it is impossible to screen 11.6 million containers every year without bringing the global economy to its knees. How to avoid the paralyzing cargo clog of the Department of Homeland

After Detroit: Presidential To-Do List for Plugging Gaps in Stopping Terrorist Travel

| admin

The problem in stopping terrorist travel to the U.S. is not airport screening per se. Trying to turn every airport into another Maginot Line or Fort Knox is going to fail sooner or later. Instead, the best way to stop terrorist plots is to frustrate them before they get started–