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Watch This Daily Caller Editor KILL It On Bill Maher

TheDC rocks Hollywood

An Irrefutable Example Of Bill Ayers' Serial Dishonesty

Bill Ayres

Bill Ayers can’t be trusted

Rand Paul's foreign policy views aren't liberal and they aren't deceptive

Republican Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul

It’s not a winning strategy to slash Social Security but not aircraft carriers.

WEINSTEIN: Inside Benjamin Netanyahu's Mind

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu attends a news conference in Jerusalem

What the Israeli prime minister dwells on as he faces the challenge of Iran

Ralph Nader gets ROASTED [VIDEO]

With Nader in the audience, Daily Caller editor Jamie Weinstein lampooned him

How Ted Cruz and Defund Obamacare can win


Don’t buy the spin, Ted Cruz can win.

TheDC on TV: Can Obama handle a 3:00 p.m. call?

Jamie Weinstein

Weinstein: Why didn’t Obama seek congressional authorization before instituting red line?

TheDC on TV: Weinstein makes the case against sequestration

Weinstein explained that he’s afraid the sequestration cuts will give false hope

Bilderberg Bonanza: TheDC's Jamie Weinstein visits 'Occupy Bilderberg' [VIDEO] - TheDC Video

Burning question for protesters: ‘If they’re so powerful, why are they staying at a Marriott?’

JAMIE WEINSTEIN: Let's just say it: The Democrats are the problem - TheDC Opinion

Congress Gridlock

What has Democratic leadership proposed to reform entitlements? I can’t think of a single thing

More proof Israel cannot tolerate a nuclear Iran - TheDC Opinion

Mideast Iran Nuclear

‘Mostafa’s ultimate goal was the annihilation of Israel,’ says wife of slain Iranian nuclear scientist

TheDC's Jamie Weinstein: Top 10 CPAC sights and sounds - TheDC


It’s like Comic-Con, but maybe marginally cooler

The Daily Caller dines with former terrorist leaders [VIDEO] - TheDC


Senior editor Jamie Weinstein discusses Sunday night’s dinner on ‘Fox & Friends’ Monday morning

The 'passion' of Ron Paul's supporters: an analytical study

Paul’s supporters are quite excitable, as I’ve found out the hard way.

TheDC's Jamie Weinstein: Ron Paul and the Nazi Century - TheDC Opinion

Nazi Germany

Fond of The Marshall Plan? The American backstop against Nazism? Then Ron Paul isn’t your guy

TheDC's Jamie Weinstein named 'Funniest Celebrity in Washington' [VIDEO] - TheDC

Jamie Weinstein

Daily Caller senior editor vanquishes competition before packed crowd at stand-up comedy night

TheDC's Jamie Weinstein: Unlike the tea party, 'Occupy Wall Street' will fail - TheDC Opinion

Wall Street Protest

On Election Day, tea partiers will vote while many of the ‘Occupy Wall Street’ protesters will be to busy smoking weed to remember to cast a ballot

Would you work for Goldman Sachs if they paid you in weed? - TheDC Video

TheDC’s Jamie Weinstein visits the ‘Occupy DC’ protesters and has a little bit of fun at their expense

Ron Paul is wrong about defense spending and the deficit

Pentagon spending isn’t the main driver of our deficit.

TheDC's Jamie Weinstein: Will Christie be a patriot and run? - TheDC Opinion

Why They Tease

‘We are teetering on the edge of disaster,’ he says, and he knows he can win. So what’s his excuse?