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Fox Reporter Won't Be Jailed For Protecting Sources

Politics | Tristyn Bloom

Fox: ‘We’re pleased that the Supreme Court has ruled in favor of free speech’

James Holmes' lawyers appeal to Supreme Court to get reporter to testify

US | Greg Campbell

Fox’s Jana Winter isn’t off the hook just yet

WATCH Fox reporter Jana Winter talk about avoiding jail over sources

US | Brendan Bordelon

‘There’s nothing you really can do to prepare’

Aurora theater shooting judge unswayed by reporter's 'electric chainsaw' affidavit

US | Greg Campbell

‘A simple no would have sufficed’

CNN journalist criticizes liberal media bias in Jana Winter case

Politics | Patrick Howley

Denver-based CNN journalist Jim Spellman says the total lack of media coverage of the legal travails faced by Fox News reporter Jana Winter for protecting her sources clearly demonstrates an anti-Fox News bias in the press