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Celebrate Jennifer Lawrence's Birthday With Her Hottest Moments Ever

We sure are happy she was born

The Odds Are Ever in Jennifer Lawrence's Favor

She’s the best

This Trailer Should Get You Right On The 'Mockingjay' Train [VIDEO]

Unless you’re a freedom hater

Here's A Photo Of Jennifer Lawrence Suffocating Emma Watson, Hunger Games Style

Photo: Twitter

May the odds be ever in her favor

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Stars! They’re kinda like us

Here Are The 10 Sexiest Women In The World

Emily Ratajkowski - Terry Richardson: GQ

According to very scientific research

What do Jennifer Lawrence and Nate Silver have in common?

Jennifer Lawrence Louisville

The answer has to do with March Madness

The Mirror Questionnaire with the newly published sex book Lisa De Pasquale

The Mirror Questionnaire (pink)

Her favorite date was at Dave & Buster’s

8 times Jennifer Lawrence killed it on the red carpet

J-Law’s truly got it all

Jennifer Lawrence is a terrible slob and got Dorito stains all over her 'American Hustle' costume

Jennifer Lawrence AH

She’s just like us, except rich and beautiful

Two evil reporters spoiled 'Homeland' for Jennifer Lawrence

On live TV, in front of Brody

The 13 best films of 2013

See which one made No. 1

Stop your fat-shaming, America, says Jennifer Lawrence

‘You’re the reason all women hate themselves’

Let's outlaw criticizing fat people, says the lovely Jennifer Lawrence

‘Why aren’t we regulating things like calling people fat?’

Jennifer Lawrence reacts appropriately to screaming photographers

By screaming back at them

RED CARPET TREND REPORT: More women wearing fewer clothes [PHOTOS]


Jennifer Lawrence is not the only one