The Math Matters In North Carolina

Opinion | Paul Shumaker

North Carolina’s voter math is certain to keep the state politically competitive for years to come.

BEDFORD: A House Divided: The Wacko Birds and their war on DC

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Sens. Lee, Paul and Cruz. Photos from Getty Images.

Republican Sens. Paul, Lee and Cruz have had a meteoric impact in DC

National Politically-correct Radio

Editorial | Henry Miller

NPR has a blatant ideological bias. It’s time for Congress to stop funding it.

Juan Williams' NPR firing is bigger than him

Editorial | Sophia Nelson

Who will be George Soros’s next victim?

"Mad Men" helps make a "decision" over a "choice"

Opinion | Nicholas Thimmesch II

The hit TV show Mad Men treats the abortion issue fairly.

Moderates and the wimp factor

op-ed | Lou Zickar

Perception is often reality in politics. Just ask George H.W. Bush

Top 10 dirtiest Senate races - WaPo

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A breakdown of the past three decade’s campaigns

The rebirth of USAID

op-ed | Patrick Cronin

Observing the Obama administration’s “New Way Forward on Global Development”

Troubled international relations - The Daily Caller

Politics | Gautham Nagesh

Senators grill Obama nominee Aponte about past personal relationship with a Cuban national

GOP targets Obama nominee's Cuba ties - THE DAILY CALLER

Politics | Gautham Nagesh

Senate Republicans are preparing to challenge President Obama’s nominee for ambassador to El Salvador over her previous ties to an alleged asset of Cuban intelligence