Bill Nye 'The Science Guy' Got An Invite To Trump's First SOTU Speech

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New York, NY USA - February 1, 2017: Bill Nye attends the blue jacket fashon show in support for prostate cancer awarness during New York Fashion week at Pier 59 Editorial credit: lev radin /

‘It brings the nation together’

Bridenstine Pummeled During NASA Confirmation Hearings

op-ed | Mark Whittington

Is this more spillover from the irrational rage against President Trump?

Dems Grill Trump's NASA Nominee On Sexual Harassment, Gay Marriage

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NASA sign at the entrance of the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Fla

‘Do you stand by your assessment’

Europeans Delay Trump's Plan To Send Astronauts Back To Moon

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Brave astronaut at the spacewalk on the moon. This image elements furnished by NASA. (Shutterstock/ Vadim Sadovski )

Europeans are slowing down Trump’s plan to return astronauts to the moon

Rocket Scientist: Trump Could Send Astronauts To Mars In 8 Years

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An artist's depiction of a team of astronauts performing work on a space station while orbiting above the surface of Mars. Elements of this image furnished by NASA. (Shutterstock/Marc Ward)

‘The way to make America great again’

There's A Bill On Trump's Desk To Send Astronauts To Mars In 16 Years

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Astronaut spaceman helmet planet Mars surface martian colony space landscape. Elements of this image furnished by NASA. (

It passed Congress with almost unanimous support

Trump To Send NASA Back To The Moon In 2019

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Brave astronaut at the spacewalk on the moon. This image elements furnished by NASA. (Shutterstock/ Vadim Sadovski )

One ‘small step for man’ could save billions

Trump Makes NASA Add Astronauts To Moon Mission, Could Save $10 Billion

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FILE PHOTO: U.S. President-elect Donald Trump speaks at his election night rally in Manhattan, New York, U.S., November 9, 2016. (REUTERS/Carlo Allegri/File Photo)

‘A total savings in the $10 billion range’

Conservative Lawmakers Condemn Boehner's 'Political Retribution'

Politics | Alex Pappas
John Boehner holds a news conference at the U.S. Capitol in Washington

‘[R]einstate these members’

Republican Congressman Says He Won't Vote For Boehner For Speaker

Politics | Alex Pappas
Speaker of the House John Boehner speaks to the media on Capitol Hill in Washington

Takes issue with Boehner’s support for budget deal

Congressman To Fox: 'We Don't Control the Border,' But Criminals Do

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‘There are mass graves in northern Mexico because somebody didn’t pay the right criminal organization’

Congressman: Human Traffickers Asking HHS For Immigrant Children

US | Chuck Ross

‘I think we have to quell the demand signal from Central America’

U.S. Congressman BLOCKED From Entering Child Immigrant Facility

US | Chuck Ross

U.S. Congressman Blocked From Entering Child Immigrant Facility

Father of Benghazi victim to attend State of the Union as GOP guest

Politics | Caroline May

‘I am honored to host the father of a true hero’

Conservative groups attack Lankford, back Bridenstine to replace Coburn

Politics | Alexis Levinson
Tom Coburn listens to questions during the Reuters Washington Summit in the Reuters newsroom in Washington. (REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst)

Bridenstine has not yet said if he will run

Rep. Bridenstine: 'Everybody is against violence against women' [VIDEO]

Ginni Thomas | Grae Stafford

‘The reality is that Oklahoma has very different needs than New York City’

GOP congressman explains why he didn't support Boehner [VIDEO]

Ginni Thomas | Grae Stafford

See the rest of Bridenstine’s interview all this week on TheDC