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Comey Drafted Statement Clearing Hillary Before Interviewing Key Witnesses

US | Chuck Ross
Senators say Comey 'prejudged' outcome of Hillary email probe

Everybody Is Forgetting About This One Detail To The Trump Impeachment Narrative

Politics | Peter Hasson
'There could be a spectacular end'

NYT: Trump Asked Comey To Drop Michael Flynn Investigation

Politics | Chuck Ross
'I hope you can let this go'

Gowdy Responds To Rumors About FBI Director Job

US | Chuck Ross
Met with Jeff Sessions on Saturday

In Letter Praising Comey Firing, Carter Page Reveals He Was Recently Interviewed By FBI

US | Chuck Ross
Former Trump aide met with FBI in March

Senator: Hire Comey To Lead Independent Russia Investigation

Politics | Chuck Ross
Well, he is available...

'It's A Coup' -- Media Sound Like Democrats In Meltdown Over Comey Firing

Politics | Peter Hasson
Total meltdown

Celebrities Call For Trump To Be Impeached After Comey Firing

Entertainment | Katie Jerkovich
'It is insanity to allow him to continue'

EXCLUSIVE: Comey Could Cash In For Millions Of Dollars After Firing

Politics | Peter Hasson
Hot commodity

Jim Comey Started Laughing When He Saw That He'd Been Fired

Politics | Peter Hasson

Comey Reveals How Trump's Initial Travel Ban Could Have Stopped Refugee Terrorism

US | Alex Pfeiffer
15 percent of all terror cases

Senators Ask Comey: Is Trump Dossier Firm Linked To Russian Intelligence?

Politics | Chuck Ross
'I don't want to say'

Comey To Track Down Leaks To Rudy

US | Chuck Ross
'There will be severe consequences'

Trump Goes After FBI Chief Comey On Eve Of Senate Testimony

Politics | Chuck Ross
Says Comey gave Hillary a 'free pass'

Comey's Changing Story On The Trump Dossier

Politics | Chuck Ross
'Material inconsistencies'

FBI Director Comey Will Testify Before Senate Committee Next Week

US | Chuck Ross
Trump investigation likely to come up

Trump Was Asked If He Has Confidence In The FBI Director, And He Didn't Hold Back

Politics | Chuck Ross
'We'll see what happens'

Intel Committee Dems Want Dossier Author To Testify, Republicans Considering It

Politics | Chuck Ross
'Want to get to the bottom of the details of that dossier'

FBI Director Jim Comey Gives An Update On His Future

US | Chuck Ross
There's been some speculation

FBI Director Pressed On Agreement With Trump Dossier Author

Politics | Chuck Ross
Author was also working for pro-Clinton forces

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