Liberals Love Lynch Mob 'Justice'

op-ed | Nick James
Shutterstock/Liusa, Shutterstock/StockPhotosLV

Our nation is better off when Americans follow the rule of law, not the passions of the mob

Not Getting Your Wedding Cake From A Christian Baker Ain't Jim Crow

op-ed | Alex Grass
gay marriage collage Shutterstock/Nancy Beijersbergen

Upper-middle class gay couples aren’t suffering because they must call a different baker

From Incompetence to Jim Crow: Elections in Philadelphia Are Out of Control

Opinion | Michael Thielen
"I Voted" stickers are seen as voters head to the polls for election day in Princeton, New Jersey, November 7, 2017. REUTERS/Dominick Reuter

‘The problems in Philadelphia are extremely serious’

JIM CROW: Segregation-Loving Ivy League Students Demand Separate-But-Equal Dorms

Education | Eric Owens
public domain/Library of Congress, Shutterstock/EQRoy

Segregation-loving leftists want ‘living spaces based on shared race or ethnicity’ now

Voter ID is no Jim Crow -- I would know

Opinion | Charles Butler

As someone who lived through Jim Crow, I won’t let people trivialize it.

Honoring all our World War I heroes

Opinion | Ken Blackwell

America’s black soldiers fought heroically for freedom.

Sell-outs at the NAACP

op-ed | Joseph Phillips

The NAACP is now a defender of a system of racial spoils, a champion of big government, and a promoter of progressive politics.

I survived the Glenn Beck rally

Opinion | Lee West

As a liberal, atheist resident of DC, I was worried about Glenn Beck’s “Restoring Honor” rally. I was wrong to worry.

Raw Journolist emails: Do Tea Party members 'parallel' Nazis? - TheDC

| Chad Brady (admin)

Bloomberg reporter Ryan Donmoyer wanted readers to know the context in which he wondered whether tea party members “parallel” Nazis

A liberal God?

Editorial | Doug Bandow

Protest the Obama administration’s big spending, pervasive centralizing, expansive regulating policies, and you must be an enemy of all that is good and true

Farrakhan demands Jews pay reparations to blacks - TheDC

Politics | Caroline May

Nation of Islam leader accuses Jewish people of crimes perpetrated against African Americans

A retrospective on the Cambridge police incident and Obama's response: One year later

Opinion | Scott Erickson

Throughout the past year much has made over how the event in Cambridge bespoke of inequitable policing practices in America

WAPO's Robinson softens editorial piece about Byrd

Opinion | Ashley Stinnett

He then goes on to profess how Byrd changed as America changed, as if the recent endorsement of Barack Obama is all that was needed to wipe out the late-Senators astonishing record of hostility towards civil rights.

Argument over media bias doesn’t go quite far enough

Opinion | J. Peder Zane

Much of the mainstream media, especially in their opinion pages and talking-head analysis, have crossed the line into propaganda. Where bias reflects a particular way of looking at the world that emphasizes some facts over others, propaganda is an echo-chamber effort to skew facts in order to serve a larger “truth”

Private rights and civil rights clash in the South - WaPo

US | interns

Private social clubs are reluctant to integrate in spite of civil rights laws

Paul announces support for Civil Rights Act after attacks - The Daily Caller

Politics | Jon Ward

The GOP nominee for U.S. Senate from Kentucky tries to steer towards current issues and away from the civil rights remark controversy

Opinion: Arizona sucks - The Daily Caller

Sports | Julia McClatchy (admin)

In America, there’s supposed to be a stark separation between sports and real life