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Bill Cosby, 77, Is Out Of Control

‘I don’t understand the intelligence of a moth’

Sylvester Stallone: I Wanted To 'Strangle' Arnold Schwarzenegger

‘Hate is a good word’

Fallon Impersonates Kevin Spacey In 'House Of Cue Cards'

He’s no Frank Underwood, but he’s close

Jimmy Fallon Warns How Dangerous A Joe Biden Presidency Would Be

It involves Dora the Explorer

This Is What Morgan Freeman Sounds Like On Helium

‘It’s very undignified’

This Victoria's Secret Angel Is Flippin' Hot

(Photo: YouTube screen capture)

DEFINITELY pick her for your flip cup team

Jimmy Fallon Gets A Sneak Peek While Rolling Around With Halle Berry

‘Alright I peaked, I peaked’

'Neil Young' Reunites With Crosby, Stills & Nash To Sing 'Fancy'

Photo: YouTube screen capture

The result is everything

GOING THERE: Jimmy Fallon Mocks Hillary Clinton's Hairstyle

‘The Deathly Haircuts’

Two Comedians Ride Roller Coaster, And It's Hilarious

Screen Shot 2014-06-18 at 10.52.58 AM

Pre-ride stretching is involved

Bath Time

bath time mirror 7 x 3

Chris Christie's Got Some Serious Dad Dance Moves

Learn the evolution of dad dancing

Adam Carolla: Jimmy Kimmel 'Might Be The Most Conservative' Late Night Host

But it’s all relative

Adam Carolla On What It's Like For Conservatives In Liberal Hollywood

‘His good bookings would dry up’

DEBATE NOT OVER: Jimmy Fallon Continues Comedic Assault On Obamacare

With not just one, but two jokes Monday night

OH NO HE DIDN'T! Jimmy Fallon mocks Hillary Clinton for dressing like a man

‘It wasn’t that hard of a joke!’

Fallon to O'Reilly: 'You're one of the best MORONS out there'

O’Reilly to Fallon: ‘You were a pansy altar boy’

Sarah Palin KILLS IT on 'The Tonight Show' in Putin skit

Fallon character: Putin comes ‘from strong genes, President Obama he come from mom jeans’

PARTY POOPER! Jimmy Fallon ridicules Obama's supposed Obamacare sign-up triumph

'It's amazing what you can achieve when you make something mandatory'

OUCH! Jimmy Fallon's latest Obamacare joke is pretty good

‘In Russia we have word for this: Obamacare’