Rick Santorum Needs To Give It Up And Go Back To Virginia

Opinion | Joanne Butler
Rick Santorum: Donald Trump 'Doesn't Understand' How The Election Process Works [screenshot CNN]

His ‘value voters’ from 2012 are getting worked up over new stuff now. But Santorum doesn’t seem to realize this.

After San Bernardino, Time To Step Up Domestic Surveillance

Opinion | Joanne Butler
The remains of a SUV involved in the Wednesdays attack is shown in San Bernardino, California

We are in the 21st century, not the agrarian 18th, and our enemies are fighting a war using technology.

TPP Deal Maintains Sugar Protectionism, Does That Bother ?

Opinion | Joanne Butler
Rubio Shoots Down Gun Control Argument: 'Criminals By Definition Ignore The Law' (screenshot: CNN)

While the Fanjul family has reaped the benefits of a protected sugar industry, other Americans have paid a price in lost jobs.

Jimmy Carter, Deregulator

Opinion | Joanne Butler
Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter takes questions from the media during a news conference about his recent cancer diagnosis and treatment plans, at the Carter Center in Atlanta

The next time you get a tweet about an airfare flash sale, save a kind thought for Carter.

How Long Will Stay In The House?

Opinion | Joanne Butler
Ryan arrives to hold a committee hearing on the topic of U.S. economic growth at the U.S. Capitol in Washington

Market forces are indeed a beautiful thing. Just ask Eric Cantor.

Get The List: Time To Find Out Who's Burrowed Into The Bureaucracy

Opinion | Joanne Butler
US Embassy Security.JPEG

Do you want a Republican president to succeed? It won’t happen if Obama landmines burrowed in the federal bureaucracy.

How The Likely 2016 GOP Presidential Candidates Stack Up On School Choice

Opinion | Joanne Butler
Georgia charter schools

Scott Walker and John Kasich do well; Rick Perry and Sam Brownback, not so much.

37 Years From The DC Hanafi Hostage Situation To The Charlie Hebdo Massacre -- What Have We Learned?

Opinion | Joanne Butler

Back then, Islamic leaders talked down the extremists personally.

Making It Easier To Fire Executives Won't Fix The VA

Opinion | Joanne Butler

Most senior agency officials have handpicked successors in mind. That’s bad for accountability.

Julia Pierson's Resignation Won't Fix A Dysfunctional Secret Service

Opinion | Joanne Butler
Secret Service Director Julia Pierson testifes on Capitol Hill in Washington

When Mark Sullivan was replaced, they just switched an incompetent male chief for an incompetent female one.

Conflicts Of Interest In Discussions About End-Of-Life Care

Opinion | Joanne Butler
Hospice care. Associated Press

Don’t trust the hospital checklist, get a lawyer.

Will America's Obesity Epidemic Help Make Social Security More Solvent?

Opinion | Joanne Butler
obesity 2

The public-spiritedness of eating yourself into an early grave

John Witherspoon's Presbyterian Rebellion

Opinion | Joanne Butler

The only active clergyman to sign the Declaration of Independence

What Does Cantor's Defeat Mean For The Ex-Im Bank?

Opinion | Joanne Butler
U.S. House Majority Leader Cantor and House Speaker Boehner address reporters after a Republican caucus meeting at the U.S. Capitol in Washington

The Bank of Boeing has lost its main GOP congressional defender.

Veterans' Advocacy Groups Have No Fee Scheme Conflict Of Interest

Opinion | Mark Seavey

We’ve been talking about the VA’s problems for years now.

The VFW And American Legion's Veterans Affairs Conflict Of Interest

Opinion | Joanne Butler
VFW volunteer at Florida National Cemetery

Splitting the VA’s benefits and healthcare functions is the best way to reform the agency.

Optimistic Jobs Numbers Obscure Swelling Social Security Disability Insurance Rolls

Opinion | Joanne Butler
President Obama pauses as he discusses unemployment, in the East Room of the White House in Washington

Last Friday’s report is nothing for the Obama administration to be proud of.

The Real Issue In The Cliven Bundy Dispute: Why Are The Feds In The Land-Leasing Business?

Opinion | Joanne Butler
Rancher Cliven Bundy gestures at his home in Bunkerville

Whatever the merits of Bundy’s case, the government owns far too much Western land.

Florida's special election shows the GOP is finally getting it

Opinion | Joanne Butler
Republican David Jolly speaks during a candidate forum with Democrat Alex Sink and Libertarian Lucas Overby, all candidates for Florida's congressional District 13, in Clearwater

Medicare can be exploited by either party, especially among older voters.

Eric Cantor could learn a thing or two from Delaware's charter school success

Opinion | Joanne Butler
U.S. House Majority Leader Cantor addresses a news conference in Washington

There’s a lot more that could be done to improve access for military families.