jobs plan

Bernie's Jobs Scheme Is A Disastrous Backdoor Minimum Wage Hike

op-ed | Pamela Villarreal
Socialist Sanders wants to spend $165 billion a year (at a minimum) for jobs that don't exist

Bill Gates: Jobs are available, but education system is failing

Education | David Tonyan
Gates also expressed concern about state funding for education

WH will veto legislation to overturn FCC Internet regulation

Tech | Josh Peterson
Republican proponents of the bill call it a 'jobs bill'

McConnell: White House purposely 'designed' Obama jobs bill to 'fail' [VIDEO]

Politics | Nicholas Ballasy
Wasn't voted on in GOP-controlled House, was defeated in Democrat-controlled Senate

Biden: 'We refuse to take no for an answer' on jobs plan

Politics | Paul Conner
Vice president promises that President Obama will continue to use executive actions in attempt to create jobs

Obama: 'God wants to see us' create American jobs

Politics | InternAdmin
President chides Congress for voting on coins and national motto instead of jobs package

Carney: Obama will 'continue' to act 'independently' without Congress

Politics | Nicholas Ballasy
'These are all measures he can take administratively, and he will continue to take them'

Congresswoman: Dems 'did not want to support' Obama jobs bill [VIDEO]

Politics | Nicholas Ballasy
'We will work with the president when he comes up with ideas that work, but so far his proposals have not worked'

Obama's three-day mini-campaign

Politics | Neil Munro
Trips to Nevada, California and Colorado offer compressed look at 2012 campaign strategy

Politico's Evan Thomas warns only a 'terrible crisis' can cause U.S. to act on the economy [VIDEO]

Politics | Jeff Poor
'I always cling to this hope that real reform will happen, but unless we have a crisis, I don't think is going to'

Congressman: Obama should unilaterally 'refinance every home mortgage' [VIDEO]

Politics | Nicholas Ballasy
'I think he should do everything he can do on his own to stimulate jobs'

Senate rejects slimmed-down Obama jobs bill

Business | admin
Senate Republicans filibuster Obama's latest jobs measure to death

Senator: Biden using 'fear tactics' to pass more stimulus a 'sign of desperation' [VIDEO]

Politics | Nicholas Ballasy
'They realize that their policies have failed the American people. They inherited a bad situation, and they have made it worse'

Obama, GOP trade barbs, contempt

Politics | Neil Munro
As president continues bus tour, both sides intensify attacks

McCain: Obama may 'get away' with circumventing Congress on jobs act

Politics | Nicholas Ballasy
'I’m sure that the president and other presidents before him, Republican and Democrats have tried to exceed their constitutional authority'

Republicans roll out jobs plan in challenge to Obama

Politics | C.J. Ciaramella
McCain, Paul team up to offer alternative to Democrats

Jackson, Jr: Shrinking government is 'a tragedy' [VIDEO]

Politics | Nicholas Ballasy
Offers to be first congressional co-sponsor of Obama's job stimulus plan

Rep. Jackson: Obama should declare 'national emergency,' create jobs without Congress

Politics | Nicholas Ballasy
Jesse Jackson Jr. calls for $40,000 5-year jobs for 15 million unemployed, national bailout, administrative action

Biden: Pass this bill, prevent murders and rapes [VIDEO]

Politics | Paul Conner
Vice president tries to tie American Jobs Act to a decrease in murders and rapes

Boehner to Obama: Congress will 'continue' to 'control the purse strings'

Politics | Nicholas Ballasy
'Every president wants to ignore the fact that the people have sent 535 people to Washington to represent them'

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