joe the plumber

Goodbye Joe The Plumber, Hello Brandon The Broadway Actor

DC Trawler | Jim Treacher

Khizr Khan---And How Unlikely Civilians Keep Impacting Elections

Politics | Matt K. Lewis
It has been said that Elián González defeated Al Gore in 2000. Who knows if that's actually true, but---more frequently than we might imagine---election-year political narratives are shaped by unlikely or unexpected civilians.

Joe The Plumber Likes Trump: 'He's A Winner'

Elections | Scott Greer
'He's made billions. He's dated beautiful women. His wife is a model. That's not to sniff at'

Karl Rove raises Dem's Joe the Plumber staff scandal during argument over Christie

Video | Brendan Bordelon

U.S. indicts 13 members of hacker group Anonymous

US | Reuters
The indictment was filed in U.S. District Court in Alexandria, Virginia, and charges the members with conspiracy to intentionally cause damage to protected computers as part of Anonymous' "Operation Payback."

'Joe the Plumber' links Holocaust with gun control

Politics | InternAdmin
Congressional candidate: Gun control laws in Turkey preceded Armenian genocide

Donations to 'Joe the Plumber' pour in from beyond Ohio

Elections | Maureen LaForge
GOP congressional hopeful has collected 93 percent of donations from 25 non-Buckeye states

Joe the Plumber: Obama 'came to Christ and he is my brother'

Politics | Steven Nelson
'After Barack Hussein Obama suddenly cast-off his Muslim roots... BLAM - he’s elected President'

Kucinich out, 'Joe the Plumber' in after Ohio primaries

| admin
Former Presidential candidate loses seat to fellow incumbent, winner to face Joe Wurzelbacher

Obama picks snoops' lawyer for consumer bureau

Politics | Neil Munro
The former Ohio attorney general offered free legal support to three officials who browsed confidential databases for information on 'Joe the Plumber'

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