Republican Attorneys General Association Goes All In For Adams Campaign

Politics | Juliegrace Brufke
ABINGDON, VA - OCTOBER 14: Republican candidate for Virginian attorney general John Adams speaks at a campaign rally at the Washington County Fairgrounds on October 14, 2017 in Abingdon, Virginia. Virginia voters head to the polls on Nov. 7. (Photo by Sara D. Davis/Getty Images)

”This decision was wrong, and he knows it”

Virginia Attorney General Nominee Is An Example Of Aspirational Conservatism

Opinion | Erich Reimer

His firm constitutional conservative approach is one that would serve the rule of law well

From Politics To Prayer

Opinion | David Luchins
The dome of the U.S. Capitol is seen as a man walks past flags flying at half staff at the Washington Monument on the National Mall in Washington November 16, 2015. REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque/File Photo

The divisive nature of contemporary politics has spread into the Jewish Community, where the loudest, most partisan voices tend to drown out reasoned discussion.

What’s Wrong With Democracy?

Opinion | David Weinberger
61.) John Adams (PHOTO: Wikipedia)

With no “good life” in sight, the only idea “democracy” promotes is that there is no idea worthy of promotion.

Protestors Have A Point, But The Controversial John Adams Opera The Death Of Klinghoffer Has Redeeming Qualities

Opinion | Bob Stump

The Met’s decision to schedule the John Adams opera has been condemned by the ADL and Michelle Bachman.

Thirteen Years After 9/11, NY Taxpayers Funding Terrorist Sympathizing Opera

Opinion | Daniel Mael

The Death of Klinghoffer has no business being performed at the Met.

How the Hollywood presidency was born

Opinion | Andrew Harrod

Tevi Troy’s new book highlights how presidents shaped mass media, and were shaped by it.

Does the faith of our presidents matter?

Opinion | Dr. Brian Lee

The work of statecraft is not the work of salvation.

Santorum is right: Social conservatism is central to the America political tradition

Editorial | John Guardiano

Social conservatives are merely trying to preserve the federal system that the Founders created.

Thoughts on Gabby Giffords

Opinion | Rep. Joseph R. Pitts

Political rhetoric didn’t drive Jared Loughner to shoot Rep. Giffords.

America needs more virtue, not more laws

Opinion | Paul Skousen

What happened in Arizona doesn’t show that we have a surplus of freedom; it shows that we have a deficit of virtue.

The year of the Constitution

Opinion | James Michael Pratt

Will 2011 be the year that America re-embraces the Constitution?

A patriot's pause

Opinion | Janine Turner and Cathy Gillespie

It’s time for Americans to educate themselves about, and commit themselves to, the U.S. Constitution.

Romney and Reid: Does Mormonism matter in politics?

op-ed | Paul Skousen

Americans shouldn’t be afraid of Mormon politicians.

Human rights v. reality in the Maghreb

Opinion | Elizabeth Blackney

Americans should be supporting Morocco, not Algeria, in the cold war between the two North African countries.

Honoring our veterans

Opinion | Rep. Phil Roe

This Veterans Day, let us remember that we must honor and care for those who so bravely fought for our freedom.

More respect for the president, please!

Opinion | Ken Blackwell

This campaign is bringing out the worst in some of Mr. Obama’s critics.

Mr. President, don't deliver the State of the Union speech. Go to Kinko's and have it printed

Opinion | Michael Brown

The country would be better off if Obama didn’t deliver his next SOTU address to Congress.

Bursting bubbles about our founding fathers

Opinion | William Temple

I find myself lately continually engaged in frustrating verbal exchanges with surprising numbers of my fellow citizens, who are prepared to argue that this country was “not” specifically founded as a Christian nation at its inception