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The Case Against Reparations

The moon sets over the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial during celebrations of the birthday of the civil rights leader

Ta-Nehisi Coates almost makes it himself

Morning Mirror

morning mirror 7 x 3-2

Dem lawmaker attends Farrakhan speech after condemning him for 'racist,' 'anti-semitic' comments


Conyers attended the three hour speech Sunday

The American people are now public enemy number one

Paul Gosar

74 percent of Americans say the NSA went too far. It’s time to restore the Fourth Amendment.

Why the surveillance state must end

NSA Surveillance.JPEG

Chris Christie’s shameful appeal to victimhood misses the point about post-9/11 civil liberties.

Democratic aide brings gun into courthouse, receives ticket

John Conyers is in the fight of his political life

Amid nationwide anti-gun mania, aide to Rep. John Conyers brings gun into courthouse, gets off with a ticket

Scandal-plagued John Conyers in the fight of his political life - TheDC

John Conyers

Redistricting, wife’s prison term create challenges for 84-year-old political lifer

Eight co-sponsors of 'audit the Fed' bill vote against it without explanation - TheDC

Ron Paul

Texas Rep. Ron Paul’s bill sailed through the House on Wednesday, but a few ‘no’ votes were cast by co-sponsors

Conyers: Fast and Furious 'outrageous,' but Holder shouldn't resign [VIDEO] - TheDC

‘You can’t resign because one part of a big department like the Department of Justice wasn’t functioning right’

Laura Richardson: House Ethics Committee investigation based on race - AP

Laura Richardson

Laura Richardson: House Ethics Committee investigation based on race

Democratic leader wants to reclaim 'ObamaCare,' make it a compliment - TheDC

Conyers Hearts Obamacare

‘I like the term,’ says Michigan Rep. John Conyers, ‘I wish I had invented it myself’

The Limits of Speech - TheDC

Those who’ve confronted representatives with vitriolic language speak out

Antiquated Espionage Act toothless against Wikileaks, Democrats say - TheDC

‘What Wikileaks did was illegal,’ says Virginia Democratic Rep. Bobby Scott, ‘we have been agonizing over this’

The next steps

Republicans want to restore people’s faith in government — one that is limited to its Constitutional role.

Hoyer: Colbert was 'an embarrassment' - AP

Rep. Steny Hoyer tells ‘Fox News Sunday’ that the comedian’s Capitol Hill testimony was ‘inappropriate’

'He mocked the hearing process' - TheDC

Semi-sincere Colbert successfully draws attention, despite mockery charge

Colbert testifies in character; mocks Congress, anti-illegal groups - TheDC

Comedy Central host appears before House subcommittee discussing immigration issues

Rep. Conyers opens immigration hearing by asking Colbert to leave - TheDC

After hundreds of people lined up to hear Comedy Central personality Stephen Colbert, Conyers asked him to leave the room without saying a word

Americans don't understand their founding documents

As a nation, we face a crisis of illiteracy about our founding documents, their origins and their authors.

Rewarding congressional support - WaPo

Reports show most contributions occurred days after lawmakers pledged support