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John Oliver Is Buying Pro-Iran Deal Ads To Play On Fox News

Media | Joe Simonson
He announced during Sunday's show.

Here's What Mike Pence Was Doing As Trolls Attacked His Daughter Over Her Children's Book For Charity

US | Benny Johnson
Much more important

John Oliver Rips Children's Book About Pence's Pet Rabbit -- Charlotte Pence Responds With PURE CLASS

US | Amber Athey

Judge Dismisses Coal Tycoon's Defamation Lawsuit Against HBO Comedian

Energy | Chris White
Murray failed to show that Oliver had defamed him

Controversy Erupts Over Whether John Oliver Can Say 'We' And 'Us' When Referring To America

Entertainment | Jena Greene
'You’re about as American as cricket & mushy peas, you shameless old fraud!'

Even Ultra-Lib John Oliver Doesn't Want To Hear Nancy Pelosi Talk For 7 Hours

Media | Justin Caruso
'I don’t know if anyone wants to hear Nancy Pelosi...'

Dustin Hoffman Accusers Praise John Oliver For Confronting Actor

Entertainment | Katie Jerkovich
'But few men put themselves at risk...'

John Oliver Grills Dustin Hoffman On Sexual Misconduct Allegations

Entertainment | Katie Jerkovich
'There’s a point in her not bringing this up for 40 years'

John Oliver Makes One Of The Worst Analogies For The Confederacy

Opinion | Scott Greer
Brit fails at American history

Coal CEO Claims John Oliver Helped Fund ACLU's Brief Trashing Lawsuit Against HBO

Energy | Chris White
'An immediate surge of millions of dollars'

The Self-Righteous Enforcers Of Political Correctness

Opinion | Scott Greer
Free speech is hurt when self-appointed moral superiors deem it a threat

ACLU Defends HBO's John Oliver From Coal Tycoon's Lawsuit In Vulgar Legal Brief

Energy | Chris White
‘Eat Sh*t, Bob'

Trump Wrestles Against CNN and John Oliver Complains About Media Bias On 'No Things Considered'

US | Tim Young
Watch it every weekday

John Oliver BLASTED For Calling The Media 'Biased'

US | Tim Young

Comedy Leads To Tragedy?

Opinion | Ron Hart
"Comedians" of late night have slowly abandoned humor and replaced it with belittling vitriol aimed at Republicans.

John Oliver SKEWERED For Mocking Kid's Coal Science Project

Politics | Phillip Stucky
'It's pathetic'

We Mock John Oliver's Stupid Take On Coal In The Current Year [VIDEO]

US | Tim Young
"The facts are not your friend..."

Black Lives Matter Fights Gays And MSM Keeps Making Fake News [VIDEO]

US | Tim Young
John Oliver made up his own fake news coverage

Democratic Senators Call For The FBI To Investigate FCC Cyber Attack

Politics | Eric Lieberman
'Call into question the integrity'

More Than 300,000 'Pro-Net Neutrality' Comments On FCC's Public Forum Likely Fakes

US | Eric Lieberman and Ted Goodman
False narrative

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