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Podesta: 'Trump Calls This A Witch Hunt? Well, We’ve Just Found Some Witches'

Politics | Robert Donachie
'And they’ve been indicted'

DOJ Official Tipped Podesta On Clinton Email Release, Shopped His Son For Campaign Job

US | Virginia Kruta
'...raised a reasonable question'

Clinton Campaign Chairman John Podesta Doesn't Defend Comey

Politics | Mike Brest
'I’m not going to defend him'

'Idiot,' 'Arrogance' -- John Podesta Joins The Bandwagon To Bash James Comey

Politics | Amber Athey

Andrea Mitchell And John Podesta Join Forces To Whine About Email Leaks

Media | Amber Athey

Podesta Called Trump A 'Draft Dodger,' But Is The Pot Calling The Kettle Black?

Politics | Robert Donachie
'If this is information warfare, then I think he's the first draft dodger in the war'

CBS Host To Podesta: How Did Russians Know To Focus On Purple States, But Hillary Didn't?

Politics | Chuck Ross
John Podesta Short-Circuits Trying To Shoot Down The Mueller Indictment

Stunning Accusation Against One Of The Democrats' Most Secretive Donors

Investigative Group | Richard Pollock

Senators Press Podesta And Other Democrats About Dossier-Related Contacts

Politics | Chuck Ross

Proof The Dems Are All About Population Control

Energy | Michael Bastasch

CNN Runs Bogus Report That Trump Campaign Received Early Access To Hacked Docs

Politics | Jack Crowe
One month before Podesta's emails were made public

John Podesta Met With Fusion GPS Founder After Trump Dossier Was Published

US | Chuck Ross
Podesta recently told Senate he didn't know campaign paid for dossier

Another Top Podesta Group Official Jumps Ship

Politics | Henry Rodgers
'A really painful process'

REPORT: Russian Hackers Breached Podesta’s Emails In Just Over A Week

Politics | Jack Crowe
19,000 phishing emails

CONFIRMED: Twitter Buried DNC, Podesta Emails

Tech | Peter Hasson
Just two percent came from 'potentially Russian-linked accounts'

Dem Senators Accepted Thousands From Tony Podesta For 2018 Campaigns

Politics | Peter Hasson
Podesta is facing scrutiny from Robert Mueller's investigation

We Asked This Dem Senator About The Podesta Group. He Immediately Tried To Deflect

Politics | Kerry Picket
'I've been asked about the Trump campaign'

Hillary Hung Out With A Central Figure In The Russia Probe This Weekend, And No One Thinks This Is Weird???

Politics | Chris White
Podesta’s appearance at the party is awkward

RNC Chairwoman Takes Shots At Debbie Wasserman Schultz And John Podesta

Politics | Amber Athey

John Podesta, Whose Lawyer Paid For Dossier, Told Senate He Didn't Know Who Funded It

Politics | Chuck Ross
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