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The Mirror Questionnaire with Mediaite's head honcho Andrew Kirell

The Mirror Questionnaire(Green)

He’s very attached to cats

Environmentalists: Government shutdown really will destroy the earth

APTOPIX Budget Battle.JPEG

‘We’ll have to dress like oil executives if we want to visit our national parks’

Hello total information awareness, goodbye freedom

(AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)

The variety of people who support government surveillance of the entire US population and the arguments they make to justify it are disturbing.

Coulter takes on libertarian 'pussies' at student conference


Author and columnist defends traditional conservative positions on war, drugs and marriage

UNC Chapel Hill bans term 'freshman' as offensive - TheDC

UNC Chapel Hill. Photo: UNC News Services.

University ‘committed to providing an inclusive and welcoming environment for all members of our community’

John Stossel: 'Thank God we've had an EPA' - TheDC

Libertarian Fox Business Network host says that though he wants a limited government, that doesn’t mean he wants no government

John Stossel: Fans confuse me with Geraldo 'once a week' - TheDC

John Stossel

”Hey Geraldo,’ or something like that,’ Fox Business Network host explains

John Stossel: I left ABC 'because it sucked there' - TheDC

John Stossel

Fox News reporter said he begged for a job there to get away from ABC

I deserved my combat pay

We shouldn’t cut troops’ combat pay.

John Stossel: Taxing the Rich [OPINION] - RCP

‘Sunday’s New York Times carries a cartoon showing Uncle Sam handing money to a fat cat. They just don’t get it.’

How class action lawsuits often hurt more people than they help

There’s a check sitting on my desk with my name on it for $36.94, but I can’t bring myself to cash it.

Movie review: 'Wall Street' - TheDC

Oliver Stone’s latest look at Wall Street is strikingly similar to his first.

Surprise! Conservatives are more generous than liberals

Contrary to what liberals like to believe, conservatives give more to charity than liberals do and are more likely to volunteer.

The wackiest warning label of 2010

It’s time to announce the grand prize winner of our thirteenth annual Wacky Warning Label Contest

The five wackiest labels of 2010

It’s time to announce the wackiest warning labels of 2010