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Time Rapidly Running Out For Highway Trust Fund

San Bernardino Associated Governments handout photo shows construction crew continuing to clear the scene in the aftermath of a fire and subsequent collapse of a highway overpass that closed the Interstate-15 near the high desert community of Hesperia

Obama: ‘So far House Republicans have refused to act’

EPA Admits Climate Rule Will Raise Electricity Prices

U.S. Environment Protection Agency Administrator Gina McCarthy gestures as she speaks during the Tsinghua Environmental Forum in Beijing

‘Another sucker punch to middle-class families struggling to get by in the Obama economy’

House GOP Working To Bury The Death Tax This Summer

Rep. Kevin Brady

Harry Reid is unlikely to allow a vote on the measure.

Thune, HHS Nominee Burwell Battle At Confirmation Hearing

‘I don’t think that’s fair’

New Bill To INVESTIGATE Department of Veterans Affairs

Thune walks to his office after meeting with McConnell at the U.S. Capitol in Washington
Sen. John Thune introduced the bill Monday

Republicans warn of a federal tax on cow flatulence

Cows. Getty.

‘Heavy-handed regulations on farms across America’

Senate Republicans accuse Dems of using 'climate talkathon' to suck up to megadonor

Lisa Murkowski CNN

‘A waste of time and more hot air … to satisfy their liberal donor’

'PARALLEL UNIVERSE': Sen. Thune doesn't know what world Sebelius is living in on Obamacare job losses

‘There’s an Obamacare bubble around Washington D.C.’

Obama golfs as GOP taunts him for failed stimulus plan

Obama plays golf with New Zealand Prime Minister Key while on vacation in Hawaii

But he got to play golf over the weekend

Obama pisses off the United Way and many other charities

President Obama greets children and volunteers during a visit to Martha's Table in Washington
White House wants less charitable giving

It's time to INFORM federal budgeting

Tim Kaine

Future generations depend on it

Read how much Obama's green loans will cost taxpayers next


Fisker is on deck

The GOP's plan to block Obamacare tax subsidies to unions

Hoffa Search.JPEG

‘They are trying to get a special deal’

How much is the Education Dept. helping to sell Obamacare? Duncan won't say

School Start Times.JPEG

‘We will continue to seek answers to these outstanding questions’

Obama administration aims to promote Obamacare in schools

Elementary School Classroom

‘To get all of America’s schools covered, the Health Insurance Marketplace begins with YOU’

Don't tax the Internet -- ever

Internet Sales Tax.JPEG

Sens. Wyden and Thune are right to protect consumers from budgetary caprice.

Senate GOP pushes for 'permanent delay' of Obamacare

John Thune

‘We believe its past time the president acknowledges the burden placed on every day Americans’

Republicans seek to kill 'death tax'

Republicans Tea Party Purity

GOP lawmakers renew their push to scrap the federal estate tax

Geography fail: Landrieu says South Dakota borders Canada in anti-border fence speech


Louisiana senator a little confused about geography