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Send Putin To The Hague

Russia's President Vladimir Putin talks to reporters during a meeting in Brasilia

Vladimir Putin is a war criminal. It’s time to treat him like one.

BASTASCH: Obama has done more to circumvent Congress than Bush

U.S. President Barack Obama speaks about the National Security Agency from the Justice Department in Washington
Who's the real Decider?

A loss for constitutionalists

The supposed silver linings in the Obamacare ruling are largely symbolic, though the decision does contain a valuable lesson for conservatives.

John Yoo debates civil liberties with former ACLU president, gets heckled - TheDC

Code Pink outside the Heritage Foundation

Bush administration lawyer says secretive intelligence collection ‘isn’t to cover up government misdeeds’

Obama is flouting the War Powers Resolution

The president’s disregard for the War Powers Resolution is emblematic of his cynical approach to the rule of law.

OPINION: Does the Constitution Protect Against Sex Discrimination? - Ricochet

John Yoo: The nation will have gay marriage in most states in the next few years, but that will be on questionable grounding if imposed by judicial fiat

OPINION: United States 1, Al Qaeda 280 - Ricochet

Liberals cheer for the result of the case against Ahmed Khalfan Ghailani as a victory for democracy


‘I can’t imagine anything like it except a world series/superbowl win,’ a Journolister said of Obama’s 2008 election

A stranger in a strange land - Los Angeles Times

The former Bush administration interrogation lawyer now calls ‘the People’s Republic of Berkeley’ home

When lawyers attack

We all know lawyers are a fraternity, but in this case they seem to think being a member of the bar in good standing puts you above criticism or even inquiry

John Yoo calls OPR Probe a 'farce' - TPMMUCKRAKER

John Yoo is celebrating the Justice Department’s finding that his Torture Memos did not violate standards of professional conduct, while calling investigators from DOJ’s internal ethics unit “incompetent” and “obviously biased,” and describing their probe as a “farce”