Glenn Beck Wishes He Fired Tomi Lahren The Day He Met Her

The Mirror | Betsy Rothstein

She couldn’t seem to care less.

Republican Blame-Gamers Join The Misguided, Self-Defeating NeverTrumpers

Opinion | Gayle Trotter
Trump border Reuters/Rick Wilking

Conservatives need to realize that high-profile attacks against Donald Trump ultimately benefit Hillary Clinton.

The ways post-9/11 America has failed

Editorial | John Ziegler

We’ve become a less serious country and we haven’t taught our children about what happened in September of 2001.

Why I accepted Ziegler's Palin bet

Opinion | Sheya

Conservatives4Palin editor explains why he accepted John Ziegler’s $100,000 bet that Palin won’t be elected president, refutes Ziegler’s account of events.

An update on my $100,000 Palin bet

op-ed | John Ziegler

Someone has (sort of) taken me up on my bet that Palin won’t get elected president.

JOHN ZIEGLER: $100,000 says Palin isn't elected president in 2012 - TheDC Opinion

op-ed | John Ziegler

Ziegler responds to criticism of “The Sarah Palin I Know” and challenges critics to take him up on a bet.

JOHN ZIEGLER: 'The Sarah Palin I Know' - TheDC Opinion

Opinion | John Ziegler

Palin’s ‘media defender’ says a presidential run would be a disaster for Republicans

Some surprising thoughts on the new Palin movie and book

op-ed | John Ziegler

Ziegler discusses the problems that the new Palin movie could run into, and explains why he found Frank Bailey’s new book interesting.

The myth of Sarah Palin's stupidity - TheDC Opinion

Feature:Opinion | John Ziegler

Where did the media narrative that Palin is dumb come from?

The Sarah Palin E! True Hollywood Story is too 'fair'

Opinion | John Ziegler

The truth never really had a chance.

Why Trump is leading and what it really means

Editorial | John Ziegler

Donald Trump has already had a lasting impact on the 2012 election.

Exclusive: Review of 'The Kennedys' miniseries - TheDC Opinion

Opinion | John Ziegler

Filmmaker John Ziegler, who attended last night’s Hollywood premiere of the controversial miniseries about the Kennedy family, explains why “The Kennedys” is a must-see.

Memories of Reagan/Mondale debates are faulty all around

Opinion | John Ziegler

How a witty eight-second sound bite overcame a botched three-minute closing statement.

The King is dead ... and not a moment too soon

Opinion | John Ziegler

“Larry King Live” is now off the air, but the show’s insidious legacy — softball interview questions — will live on.

Hey Barbara, have you ever heard the one about the pot and the kettle?

Feature:Opinion | John Ziegler

Barbara Walter’s interview of Sarah Palin was such a textbook example of media bias, it bordered on parody. But few people know the full story.

JOHN ZIEGLER: The truth about Palin v. Couric - TheDC

Opinion | John Ziegler

Palin’s evasive response to the question, “What do you read?” in her 2008 interview with Katie Couric wasn’t stupid — it was an understandable dodge.

The real story behind Kathleen Parker's bizarre Palin boast

Feature:Opinion | John Ziegler

The back story on director John Ziegler’s controversial appearance on CNN’s “Parker Spitzer.”

Why Dr. Laura should matter to conservatives

Opinion | John Ziegler

Conservatives need to do a better job of defending their spokespeople.

Why Obama won’t beat Palin in 2012 - Daily Caller Opinion

Opinion | John Ziegler

Here’s a hint: Because she’s not running!

Why Palin shouldn’t run in 2012

Opinion | John Ziegler

It is quite possible that with the media playing their siren’s song, her fans chanting “run, Sarah, run!,” her obsequious advisors hoping for campaign jobs, and with the specter of being the first female nominated for president tantalizingly within her grasp, the temptation may just be too great for her or any other human to resist. If she is able to do so, it will forever prove that media’s narrative about her could not be more wrong.