Trump Considering Jon Huntsman For State

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2012 Republican primary presidential candidate and former Utah Governor Jon Huntsman greets supporters as he takes the stage at his New Hampshire primary night rally in Manchester, New Hampshire, January 10, 2012. Huntsman finished in third place in the primary. REUTERS/Jessica Rinaldi

The former Amb. to China and Utah Gov. emerged as a possibility Sunday

Here Are The Republicans Calling On Trump To Withdraw

Elections | Alex Pappas

Most have been critical of the candidate throughout the race

Clinton Foundation Donor Begged Huma For Face Time With Hillary, Emails Show

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Hillary Clinton talks with aide Huma Abedin before speaking at a neighborhood block party on April 17, 2016 in Brooklyn (Photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

‘Huma, I need your help now’

Jon Hunstman Says He Could Support Donald Trump

Elections | Alex Pfeiffer

‘I think it’s a direct outgrowth of the demographics that underlie the Republican movement’

'No Labels' Is Exactly What America Needs

Opinion | Lanny Davis

The House should take up the Senate’s immigration bill.

Bad News: Jon Huntsman Isn't Running In 2016

DC Trawler | Jim Treacher
Jon Huntsman

This is horrible

GET EXCITED! Jon Huntsman May Run For President Again!

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Jon Huntsman

But he LOVES LOVES LOVES Hillary Clinton

Jon Huntsman's daughter plays Carnegie Hall

The Mirror | Betsy Rothstein

Bragging rights allowed

Herman Cain skeptical about claims in new book on 2012 election

Politics | Alex Pappas

Former prez candidate tells TheDC I’m not sure what to believe’ about source of damaging leaks

Book: Huntsman campaign peddled Herman Cain rumors to press

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Revelation made in ‘Double Down: Game Change 2012’

No Huntsmania in 2016

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Jon Huntsman 2012

GOP candidate no one voted for in 2012 hints he won’t run in 2016

Huntsman launches PAC to 'road test' ideas, not ruling out 2016 bid

Politics | Alexis Levinson

Former Utah governor and presidential candidate criticizes party’s extremism and ‘navel gazing’

Huntsman comes out for gay marriage

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Jon Huntsman

GOP also-ran: ‘All Americans should be treated equally by the law’

Obama campaign manager saw supposed threat in Huntsman candidacy

Elections | David Tonyan

‘Huntsman would have been a tough general election campaign’

Jon Huntsman: GOP 'lacks inclusiveness,' 'not focused on real solutions' - TheDC

Politics | Jeff Poor

Former GOP presidential candidate said he skipped convention because of flaws he sees in the Republican party

Abby Huntsman: I was kidding about joining the Democratic Party - TheDC

| Alex Pappas

‘I’m still unsure who I will end up voting for,’ Jon Huntsman’s daughter tells TheDC

Jimmy Carter: I'd be 'comfortable' with Mitt Romney - TheDC

Politics | Will Rahn

‘I think Romney has shown in the past, in his previous years as a moderate or progressive’

Huntsman: 'It looks increasingly like we have a nominee' - TheDC

Elections | Michelle Fields

Former Utah governor and presidential candidate says Romney has all but won the GOP primary

Huntsman felt betrayed by McCain's endorsement of Romney - TheDC

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Former Utah gov. told McCain he should have had ‘the dignity of waiting until after the New Hampshire primary’

Ron Paul campaign sues anti-Huntsman YouTube video’s makers - Bloomberg

Politics | Steven Nelson (admin)

Paul campaign says video was a dirty trick by the Texas congressman’s opponents