Jon Karl: Kelly Will Be Far More Powerful Than Priebus Ever Was [VIDEO]

Politics | Kevin Daley

‘He comes in as a much more powerful chief of staff’

Trump: National Enquirer Has 'A Very Good Record Of Being Right'

Elections | Christian Datoc
Trump: National Enquirer Has 'A Very Good Record Of Being Right' (Getty Images)

‘Frankly, I said, I hope it’s not right’

Scott Walker Won't Rule Out 'Full-Blown' Invasion Of Iraq

Politics | Alex Griswold

‘I think we shouldn’t rule anything out.’

Kasich Rules Out Vice Presidential Run: 'Forget It!'

Politics | Alex Griswold

‘I don’t play for second.’

White House Claims Taliban Is Not A Terrorist Organization. Wait, What?

Video | Al Weaver

When the cat’s away, the mice play

Jon Karl: Hillary's 2014 'Didn't Go Exactly As Planned'

Politics | Al Weaver

‘She’s not inevitable. There are other candidates out there that will pose a threat’

Jon Karl To Earnest: After Normalization Of Relations With Cuba, Is North Korea Next?

World | Al Weaver

‘I assume he wouldn’t welcome Kim Jong un to the White House’

Jon Karl: Obama Not Campaigning 'In A Single Place With A Competitive Senate Race'

Politics | Al Weaver

No campaigning Monday for Obama, but he did go to parent/teacher conferences…

Jon Karl To Earnest: Is President Obama 'Politically Toxic' To Dem Senate Candidates?

Politics | Al Weaver

White House spokesman GRILLED about midterms with eight days remaining

Jeb Bush's Son: 'More Than Likely' Dad Runs For President

Politics | Alex Griswold

‘I think that it’s more than likely he’s giving it a serious thought…’

WH Press Corps Cries Foul At Censorship Of Obama Meeting With Dallas Nurse

Politics | Al Weaver

Most transparent White House? Suuuuuuure

Earnest: If Dems Lose Senate, Obama Will Get 'His Share Of The Blame'

Politics | Al Weaver

White House admitting something? Wow.

White House On West Africa Travel Ban: 'Not On The Table At This Point'

US | Al Weaver

Majority of Americans say they prefer a travel ban