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Mattis: US Hit Syria 'Harder' Because 'Clearly The Assad Regime Did Not Get The Message Last Year'

Defense | Ryan Pickrell
Hit Syria with double the weapons used last April

National Security Bureaucracy Unites In Opposition To Trump's Syria Position

Defense | Will Racke
Continued intervention

Mattis And General Dunford Make Boy's Make-A-Wish Dream Come True [PHOTOS]

US | Katie Jerkovich
'We're happy to work with Make-A-Wish...'

US Has Troops In Every African Country But One

Defense | Saagar Enjeti
'More than 20 years'

Dunford Reveals New Details On Fatal Niger Ambush

World | Saagar Enjeti
Took fire for 1 hour before air support was requested

Top General On North Korea: 'We Pray For Peace' But 'Prepare For War'

Defense | Ryan Pickrell
'Do not ignore their words when their words are combined with capability'

McCain Blocking Trump's Pentagon Nominees Until Administration Tells Him More About Afghan Strategy

Defense | Jonah Bennett
'We have to try and force a change in that relationship'

Top Generals Assume North Korea Can Hit The US With A Nuke

Defense | Ryan Pickrell
And has the will to do it if necessary

Mattis Says US Will Avoid War With North Korea 'As Long As Possible'

Defense | Ryan Pickrell
'Solve this diplomatically'

Report: Trump Was Furious With Bannon For Contradicting Him On North Korea

World | Ryan Pickrell
'Locked and loaded' vs 'There’s no military solution'

Joint Chiefs Chairman Joins Service Heads In Blasting Racism, Bigotry

Politics | Jonah Bennett
'No place -- for racism and bigotry in the U.S. military or in the United States as a whole'

Top US General: Military Will Move On North Korea Only If Diplomacy Fails

World | Ryan Pickrell
Diplomacy 'backed by military options'

Trump Admin's Line On North Korea Is Not As Inconsistent As CNN Would Have You Believe

World | Ryan Pickrell
Diplomacy, with military action on the back burner

Facebook Doesn't Want You To Get Friend Requests From The Sec Of Defense, And That's A Good Thing

US | Eric Lieberman
'Not everyone feels safe'

Top General: US Military Edge Is 'Eroding'

National Security | Russ Read
'It is eroding now'

North Korea Warns US Will 'Perish In The Flames' As Trump Admin Prepares To Brief Congress

World | Ryan Pickrell
Possibly clarifying US-North Korea policy

Iran Working To 'Inflict Grave Damage' To Key Anti-ISIS Ally

National Security | Saagar Enjeti
'Evidence of an Iranian destabilization effort'

Mattis Shows Up Unannounced, Gives Middle East Policy Office A Pop Quiz

National Security | Saagar Enjeti
'By reading, you learn through others’ experiences'

Top US General: War With North Korea 'Could Quickly' Spill Into Continental US

World | Ryan Pickrell
'Likely would expand beyond that region'

Trump Is Inheriting Obama's Military, And His Legacy Of Unparalleled Social Change

Politics | Jonah Bennett
Radical social policy changes have turned 'sound military priorities upside down'

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