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White House Tries To Hide Amnesty Behind Gov't Shutdown

But GOP is spotlighting the economic impact of work-permits for illegals

White House Spokesman Hints At Airstrikes In Syria

‘… Without regard to international boundaries’

White House: We Can't Fix The Middle East [VIDEO]

‘They’ve got to want it.’

White House Condemns Destruction of Hamas Operating Sites

‘U.N. facilities, especially those sheltering civilians, must be protected’

Obama Eyes Executive Action On Immigration By Early September

‘Any steps the president would take would not be as far reaching as’ the June 2013 Senate bill

The Fundraising Will Continue Until The Crises Improve

Changes to Obama’s schedule would ‘create a false sense of crisis’

Obama Spokesman Ignores Critics, Says Admin Is 'Absolutely' The Most Transparent Ever

‘I think the president’s record stands up to any of the records of his predecessors’

Montel Williams On White House Speed Dial? Um, No.

Montel Williams

White House Reporter Asks About Ex-TV Host

See The New White House Press Secretary's Excuse To Bolt From Brutal Presser

White House Deputy Press Secretary Josh Earnest speaks about Syria in Washington

Can she come back next week?

White House Dismisses GOP 'Conspiracy Theories' On Missing IRS Emails

‘The fact of the matter is we’ve cooperated extensively’

Is Jay Carney on his way out of the White House?


Insiders say he is

White House reporters want improved access to Obama

President Obama Speaks To The Media In Brady Press Briefing Room

Fat chance: ‘Reporters can bitch and moan all they want’

Bath Time

bath time mirror 7 x 3

White House spokesman jokes about Islamic attacks on Christian churches in Egypt

APTOPIX Mideast Egypt.JPEG

‘I didn’t bring my red pen out with me today’

Chris WHO? White House spokesman 'not familiar with' Chris Lane murder


Denies that that Obama ‘spoke extensively’ about Trayvon Martin’s death

White House: Everything's Fine, Go Back To Sleep

Josh Earnest

White House: We’ve been doing this for years