DC on TV: Jonathan Strong on Journolist targeting Sarah Palin - TheDC

Politics | Pat McMahon

FOX News talks to TheDC’s Strong about his articles detailing the liberal media bias exposed in his articles

Fred Barnes: The vast left-wing media conspiracy - WSJ

Politics | Chad Brady (admin)

Barnes responds to the targeted smear attack by members of Journolist

Meet the new Journolist, smaller than the old journolist - The Atlantic

Politics | Jeff Winkler (admin)

The heretofore secret Cabalist, which unlike Journolist, has only 173 members, rather than 400, but which in other ways resembles Journolist

Journolister apologizes for Rush Limbaugh death fantasy - TheDC

Politics | interns

Journolist member Sarah Spitz has issued a statement apologizing for a comment she made about Rush Limbaugh

TheDC on TV: Tucker Carlson talks Journolist on Hannity - TheDC

Politics | interns

TheDC editor-in-chief discussed the liberal journalist listserv and TheDC’s investigative look into the media cheerleading for then-presidential candidate Barack Obama

Limbaugh addresses report liberals wished for him to die - Washington Examiner

Politics | Pat McMahon

An NPR producer and member of Journolist made the inflammatory remarks about the radio star dying of a heart attack

Not shocked by Journolist scandal

Opinion | Benjamin Kerstein

The suggestion that Republicans and conservatives should be slandered as racist is not surprising either, since this is the default position of the liberal establishment in general

Excerpts from Journolist journalists - TheDC

Politics | The Daily Caller


Politics | Jonathan Strong

Liberal journalists suggest government shut down Fox News

How much transparency can we handle?

Opinion | Rob Bennett

The journalists who described plans to coordinate unjustified charges of racism against selected conservatives need to be held accountable

Rove, Barnes respond to Journolist revelations - TheDC

Politics | Chris Moody

‘I thought it was a revealing insight in the attitude of one minor player in the D.C. world of journalism,’ Rove said

Rules for racists

Opinion | Wesley Messamore

But when actual, genuine racism rears its ugly head within their own ranks (and make no mistake- it very often does), the radical socialists do everything they can to deflect, to distract, to evade, and- laughably- to denounce as racist anybody who points out and criticizes the racism of the radicals

Publisher Neil Patel chats with Megyn Kelly about Journolist [VIDEO] - TheDC

Politics | Jeff Winkler (admin)

Following TheDC’s explosive story about Journolist, publisher Neil Patel chats with “America Live” host Megyn Kelly

Docs show media plotted to kill stories about Jeremiah Wright - TheDC

Politics | Jonathan Strong

An exclusive investigation by The Daily Caller unearthed a plan to cover-up the news about President Obama’s controversial minister during the 2008 campaign

Weigel speaks - Big Government

Politics | interns

The former WaPo blogger posts at Big Government about his regrets regarding the emails that cost him his job

OPINION: The Washington Post's objectivity is objectionable - The Daily Caller

Politics | Neil Patel

The Daily Caller’s publisher Neil Patel asks aloud, ‘What else do we not know about the Washington Post?’

Weigel resigns after e-mails released - The Daily Caller

Politics | Jonathan Strong

Washington Post reporter David Weigel resigns amid political e-mail revelations