Whoopi: It's Heidi Cruz's Fault Ted Hit Her

Politics | Steve Guest

‘If she had been taller, he wouldn’t have hit her’

Boehner Embraces His Phallic Surname

The Mirror | Betsy Rothstein

It’s no big thing.

WATCH 'The View' Make Rick Perry Suffer Through His Epic Debate Failure

Politics | Steve Guest

‘When you were running for election, we have a tape of what blew it for you. Can we look at it? Do you mind?’

Afternoon Mirror

The Mirror | Betsy Rothstein

ABC's 'The View': 'Relax, Bernie, Baby. You Know How We Love You'

The Mirror | Betsy Rothstein

Things get fluffy whenever Sanders visits the show

The Ladies Of 'The View' Prepare To Smooch Bernie

The Mirror | Betsy Rothstein

They can’t help themselves.

Watch Joy Behar Fawn Over Hillary Before Asking Why People Don't Like Her

Elections | Steve Guest

‘I don’t understand’ what ‘inauthentic’ means ‘

Nick Denton: 'Hulk Hogan Is Not Normal'

The Mirror | Betsy Rothstein
Hulk Hogan Sex Tape.JPEG

“Celebrities have to exercise some sort of responsibility.”

Sex In Space: Neil Degrasse Tyson Tells You How To Do It

Entertainment | Steve Guest

‘Like 50 Shades of Space, right?’

Behar Scolds Clinton For Laughing At The Thought Of Strangling Fiorina

Elections | Steve Guest

Predictably, Michelle Collins is on Clinton’s side

'The View' Co-Host Says Ben Carson's Book 'Gifted Hands' Should Be Moved To Fiction Section

Elections | Steve Guest

Raven-Symone: Ben Carson should ‘keep his mouth shut’

Fiorina Spars With 'The View' Host Who Criticized Her Face

Elections | Steve Guest

‘You can say whatever you like. You’re not going to offend me’

Whoopi Defends How 'The View' Has Treated Carly Fiorina

Politics | Steve Guest

Two cohosts have since attacked her looks

CNN Blasts 'View' Hosts For Saying Fiorina Has A 'Demented' Face

Politics | Derek Hunter

Same ‘View’ hosts were upset Trump commented on Fiorina’s face just last month

Whoopi Barely Lets Huckabee Answer About 'Troubling' Abortion Views

Elections | Steve Guest

More of a rant than a question

Joy Behar: Cruz Would Be Scarier Than Trump Or Carson

Elections | Steve Guest

‘You think you’re scared now? Wait!’