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Garofalo attacks 'racist' Republicans, conservatives for society's racial woes - TheDC

Comedienne lashes out: ‘We are not a post-racial society and I’m sure we never will be. And we are not post-misogyny either’

Joy Behar, Bill Press see upside in Romney victory - TheDC

‘If Romney wins we will do just fine’

Joy Behar wants to see one of Romney's 'million houses burning down' - TheDC

Joy Behar
Behar says Mitt Romney's criticism of Pres. Barack Obama's pull for more firefighters and policemen is an "idiot statement."

RNC tried to clean up Levi's act, shaved his mullet - TheDC

Levi Johnston

Father of Bristol Palin’s toddler tells CNN anchor that the RNC made him get a makeover before 2008 election

Maher: Obama a 'multi-tasking ninja,' but doubts ability to win 'white vote' - TheDC

‘Real Time’ host gives president high marks after OBL mission and suggests the GOP needs a candidate with ‘sex appeal’

The Joy Behar alternative to waterboarding: A $6-million book deal - TheDC

‘You know what I mean? There are other ways to get information out of people, pay them off’

Me and the Rotarians

There are certain things that you shouldn’t say to a room full of liberals.

Joy Behar's defense of Gilbert Gottfried: 'People in concentration camps made jokes about each other' - TheDC

‘The View’ panelist offers a rationale for the former voice of the Aflac duck who was fired after making Twitter comments deemed insensitive about the Japanese earthquake

Report: Jimmy Carter consoled Helen Thomas last summer after controversial remarks - TheDC

Falls Church News-Press editor Nicholas Benton reveals sympathizers of longtime White House press corps reporter after anti-Semitic remarks — Rosie O’Donnell and former President Jimmy Carter

Helen Thomas doubts Obama's liberalism: 'Because he was black, I thought he would automatically be [liberal]' - TheDC

Former ‘dean of the White House press corps’ doubles down on 2010 remarks about Israel and blames ‘organized lobbyists in favor of Israel’ for backlash

Whoopi Goldberg defends Michele Bachmann on 'The View' - TheDC

‘Whether we like her politics or not, still she should be given the respect to know that she’s talking to someone’

Behar doesn't know why MTV shouldn't target teens with anal sex - TheDC

View co-host Joy Behar’s dilemma: What’s the difference between ‘grown-ups’ and ‘young people’ talking about anal sex?

Goodnight and good riddance: Parting words for Olbermann - TheDC

Andrew Breitbart, Dr. Laura, Erick Erickson and others react to Keith Olbermann’s departure from MSNBC

The King is dead ... and not a moment too soon

“Larry King Live” is now off the air, but the show’s insidious legacy — softball interview questions — will live on.

Anderson Cooper: 'When did the ladies on 'The View' turn into Dr. Evil from Austin Powers?' - TheDC

CNN host defends incoming Speaker of the House John Boehner emotional side in his ‘RidicuList’ segment; Says ‘just let the man cry already’

The liberal love affair with Islam

Liberals deride Christianity for being oppressive but defend Islam, which actually is oppressive.

Official soundtrack for the 2010 midterm election season

Every great production needs an equally spectacular soundtrack.

From "whore" to "criminal": we must demand better from our media and politicians

It’s time to tone down the rhetoric and the name-calling.

Who's funnier -- Democrats or Republicans?

The answer is: whoever’s doing better in the polls.