Tucker Carlson Wiped The Floor With Joy Reid After She Tried To Race Bait Him

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‘Reid’s entire public career has been built on race baiting’

FACT CHECK: Did National Review Say That Nukes 'Will Only Kill Democrats And Minorities'?

Politics | Emily Larsen
A rocket is launched during a demonstration of a new large-caliber multiple rocket launching system attended by North Korean leader Kim Jong Un (not pictured) at an unknown location, in this undated file photo released by North Korea's Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) on March 22, 2016. REUTERS/KCNA/Files

MSNBC host Joy Reid cited Newsweek

Joy Reid Just Said Something Totally Insane About Jeff Flake

Politics | Peter Hasson
7) Joy Ann Reid recently came under fire for rooting against wounded Congressmen Steve Scalise's recovery. (MSNBC: June 18, 2017)

Damned if you do, damned if you don’t…

MSNBC Host: Does Trump Sound More Like The Dictators He Criticizes Than A President?

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‘…more like the authoritarian governments he’s purportedly criticizing’

MSNBC's Joy Reid: Trump Has 'Unembarrassed' Embrace Of A 'White Supremacist Attitude'

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Calls former president a ‘genocidal maniac’

MSNBC Anchor Tries To Spin Her Own Company Giving Christmas Bonuses As A Bad Thing

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Many asked the same question: Why would the MSNBC anchor rail against raises for her own staff?

MSNBC's Joy Reid Suddenly Loves Law Enforcement When It's Going After Trump

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‘The most respected FBI director in, you know, U.S. history…’

MSNBC's Joy Reid Compares President Trump To The Romanovs

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‘I am the state, all that matters is me’

Jane Sanders Annihilates MSNBC Host Joy Reid

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Bernie Sanders and Jane Sanders Reuters/Mario Anzuoni

‘…don’t ever use me to demean my husband.’

Unhinged MSNBC Guest Calls The GOP A 'Domestic Terror Group'

Media | Amber Athey
'This is not a political party--this is a domestic terror group'

MSNBC's Joy Reid Fawns Over The Womanizing And Immoral Kennedy Men

Media | Amber Athey
7) Joy Ann Reid recently came under fire for rooting against wounded Congressmen Steve Scalise's recovery. (MSNBC: June 18, 2017)

‘Sense of obligation to humanity’

MSNBC's Joy Reid Remains The Queen Of Fake News

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Blatant untruths about the Trump dossier

MSNBC's Joy Reid: Trump Represents A Time When People Of Color And Women 'Knew Their Place'

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Joy-Ann Reid speaks during the "Leading Women Defined: Women On Washington" summit at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Washington, DC. (Getty Images)

‘White men and white Americans without a college degree…’

'RACIST': Of Course Frederic Wilson Called General Kelly's Comments This

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‘We looked it up in the dictionary’