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Jason Riley, Juan Williams Agree: Asking If Cops 'Value Black Lives' Is 'A Stupid Conversation'

‘We talk about unemployment, we talk about poverty. But we don’t talk about black crime rates’

Krauthammer: Obama Airstrikes 'Not Going To Make Any Difference' Without Weapons To Kurds

‘There are obvious things that we can do, but this president is unwilling to do them’

What Juan Williams Said About The Tea Party And Race That Has Everyone Talking

‘It reminds me that the Republican Party has become almost a completely white party’

Fox Panel Clashes Over Karl Rove's Remarks On Hillary's Health: 'You're Generating Sympathy For Her!'

Brit Hume defends: ‘A legitimate issue to raise about her’

Antigun Journalist Admits Wife Wished for Gun When Criminal Struck

Juan Williams

Guns scare Juan Williams

Krauthammer hails 'towering' affirmative action decision: 'Exactly the way you want to do it in a democracy'

Hayes: Sotomayor’s dissent ‘intellectual hogwash’

Liz Cheney, Juan Williams CLASH over new report on CIA torture

‘A report written entirely by Democratic staffers’

Bob Woodward: 'Obamacare is like a car stuck in first gear' -- and it will stay stuck for years

'The way these numbers are thrown around, what credibility do they have?'

Juan Williams: Lois Lerner took the Fifth to avoid 'this political frenzy generated on Capitol Hill'

‘People have a right to not be exposed to a browbeating unnecessarily’

Juan Williams: 'I had a sense that I've never had before from the president of being defeated'

‘Boy, that’s not the Obama that I heard of in 2008′

Juan Williams is sick of Obamacare critics: 'There's gonna be a big lump in all of your Christmas stockings'

'You're so invested in cursing out Obama and Obamacare'

Who is Fox News' Juan Williams blaming for the 'corruption' of the civil rights movement?


‘What they are doing is selling out and allowing money to shut their mouths’

Krauthammer, Juan Williams battle over voter ID laws


‘If you believe that our elections are clean, you believe that baseball is clean’

Juan Williams on Sharpton, Dyson: 'Complete frauds'

FNC’s ‘The Five’ panelist takes issue with leaders in the ‘so-called civil rights community’

Brit Hume, Juan Williams blow up over Holder's role in FNC-Rosen probe

‘Fox News Sunday’ panelists clash over Justice Department handling of investigation of its own alleged wrongdoing

Bill Kristol: Newtown parents never made public policy argument for gun bill [VIDEO]

Weekly Standard editor says case for Manchin-Toomey was never made by its proponents

Juan Williams: 'Appalling' that president can kill suspected terrorists at will [VIDEO]

‘I think that’s unconstitutional’

Juan Williams on Benghazi: 'It deserved news attention' [VIDEO]

Former NPR contributor: ‘It was a critical story’

Juan Williams: 'The country is changing ... There are huge changes going on' [VIDEO]

‘When it comes to government, this is where I think I find agreement with those folks’

Juan Williams: Dissenting black political voices dismissed as 'not really black' [VIDEO]

‘People understand that it is illegal to have an honest conversation’