Men Who Publicly Bang Drums At 2 AM To Wake Muslim Faithful For Pre-Dawn Ramadan Meal Face Arrest In Israel

World | Joshua Gill
'I'm not doing anything that is prohibited'

French Leaders Demand Muslims Denounce Anti-Christian And Anti-Jewish Verses In Quran

World | Joshua Gill
'Before France is no longer France'

UK Labour Leader To Jews: 'I Am Your Ally'

World | Joshua Gill
'We all need to do better'

Cooks Are Using Gas Masks To Make Super Pungent Horseradish For Passover Seders

US | Gabrielle Okun
Good batch

ISIS Destroyed Jonah's Tomb But Inadvertently Unearthed More Biblical Evidence

World | Joshua Gill
'The palace of Esarhaddon'

Netanyahu Accuses Polish PM Of Anti-Semitism For Saying There Were 'Jewish Perpetrators' During The Holocaust

World | Eric Lieberman
'Not allow the murdered to be blamed for their own murder'

Man Disguised Himself As Jewish Businessman To Scam $96 Million

US | Joshua Gill
'The illusion of legitimate business'

Scholar Claims We've Been Saying God's Name Wrong For 200 Years

World | Joshua Gill
'The Tetragrammaton'

The Final Pieces Of Dead Sea Scrolls Are Finally Decoded

World | Joshua Gill
50 years after they were discovered

I'm A Jew. I Had No Idea I'd Be Spending Christmas Among Neo-Nazis

World | Gabrielle Okun
'I felt a sharp kick in my back'

US Muslim Population Expected To Double In 30 Years

US | Joshua Gill
'Immigration and high fertility rates'

Discovery Of 2,700-Year-Old Seal Supports Biblical History And Jerusalem As Capital

World | Joshua Gill
'2700 years ago, Jerusalem, the capital of Israel'

Holocaust Survivors Furious Over Nude Game Of Tag In Nazi Gas Chamber

World | Joshua Gill
'The most disgusting thing I've seen in a long time'

Jewish And Muslim Leaders Unite To Demand Protection Under Gay Marriage Law

World | Joshua Gill
'Marriage is between a man and woman'

Rabbi Imprisoned For Stealing Money From Disabled Preschoolers

US | Joshua Gill
'Exploiting small children'

Orthodox Lawmaker Resigns After Attending Gay Wedding

World | Joshua Gill
'Desecrating God's will'

People Are Freaking Out Over Dutch Posters Depicting Muslim Kissing Jew

World | Emma Elliott Freire
It's been causing a stir

Here's What Different Religions Have To Say About The Solar Eclipse

World | Joshua Gill
An instrument of divine communication

Israel Welcomes 200 Additional French Jewish Immigrants To Already Growing Number

World | Kerry Picket
'The first one is the concern about the Jewish place in Europe'

Jewish Democrats Face Irrelevance

Opinion | David Benkof
Without support for Israel, what differentiates them from any other Democrat?

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