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'Morning Joe' Crew Horrified By 'Ungracious' Justin Amash Victory Speech

‘Not good for America’

's Victory Is A Win For Free Markets, And A Blow To Chamber Cronyism

Screen grab from video

The number one target of the establishment cruises by in the Michigan primary.

Justin Amash DESTROYS Republican Opponent In Victory Speech

‘You owe my family and this community an apology’

Can We Find The Path To 'Minimum Government, Maximum Governance'?

Hindu nationalist Modi, the prime ministerial candidate for India's Bharatiya Janata Party, gestures towards his supporters from his car during a road show upon his arrival at the airport in New Delhi

America must pursue its own version of the Indian leader’s vision.

The Mirror Questionnaire with Mediaite's head honcho Andrew Kirell

The Mirror Questionnaire(Green)

He’s very attached to cats

House leaders rush through controversial vote, and conservatives are not pleased

Screen shot courtesy of C-SPAN

‘I think they pulled a fast one’

Libertarian congressman Justin Amash gets some help from Club for Growth

Justin Amash speaks at the LPAC conference in Chantilly, Virginia

‘A record like that belongs in the Democratic primary, not the Republican one’

Justin Amash explains how to fix Washington

Justin Amash: Washington listens only when voters speak up [VIDEO]

Amash: 'If we can't stand for fiscal conservatism, then we are going to have real problem as a party'

‘For too long we haven’t been standing for conservative principles’

Amash attacked for opposing 'earmarked' Keystone XL pipeline bill

Justin Amash

‘Of course I support the Keystone pipeline’

Crazy about Justin Amash

Rep. Justin Amash addresses "Stop Watching Us: A Rally Against Mass Surveillance" near U.S. Capitol in Washington

Why the kids love the cool congressman

Author of Patriot Act plans to introduce to bill to rein in NSA

NSA Drone Strikes

‘We need more transparency, and there’s a way to do it’

Drunk dial Congress, not your ex


Simple resources help you give Congress a piece of your inebriated mind

Tea Party Republicans resist D.C. hazing


Their real crime is not going along with the spending club.

The Tea Party goes to Syria

United States-Syria

The fiscally conservative movement finds it can’t avoid taking a stand on endless war.

Amash: Classified docs 'even more' proof Syria war plan is a loser

NSA Surveillance.JPEG

Michigan Republican says Obama’s double-secret briefing for legislators is even less persuasive than his public case

Amash: House committee stonewalled new members on NSA

Justin Amash

Amash accused the committee of withholding information from the 2010 House freshman class

The American people are now public enemy number one

Paul Gosar

74 percent of Americans say the NSA went too far. It’s time to restore the Fourth Amendment.

Why the surveillance state must end

NSA Surveillance.JPEG

Chris Christie’s shameful appeal to victimhood misses the point about post-9/11 civil liberties.

The Amash amendment failed, but civil libertarians won on Wednesday

Justin Amash

With strong public opposition to NSA surveillance, it’s only a matter of time before the Fourth Amendment is restored.