Democrats' 2018 Candidates Are Sprinting Away From Nancy Pelosi

Politics | Peter Hasson
Nancy Pelosi (Getty Images)

‘President Putin probably has a better approval rating…’

ISIS Supporter Jailed For 30 Years After Trying To Blow Up A Car At Kansas Military Base

US | Jonah Bennett
A member of the Turkish-backed Free Syrian Army (FSA) stand guarded in front of a ISIS flag in the border town of Jarablus, August 31, 2016, Syria. Turkish troops and Turkey-backed rebels have been fighting Kurdish-led forces and IS since Turkey's incursion into Syria on Aug. 24. with the swift capture of Jarablus, a town a few km inside Syria that was held by Islamic State. Defne Karadeniz/Getty Images.

‘Today we will bring the Islamic State straight to your doorstep’

Republicans Are Actually On Board With Raising Taxes

Business | Robert Donachie
U.S. President Donald Trump gestures at the Infrastructure Summit with Governors and Mayors at the White House in Washington, U.S., June 8, 2017. REUTERS/Yuri Gripas

‘Trump and his administration are unfazed’

Chelsea Manning To Receive Health Care And Benefits Upon Release Next Week

US | Jonah Bennett
Verdict Delivered In The Court Martial Of Bradley Manning

‘Pvt. Manning is statutorily entitled to medical care’

Family Of Boy Decapitated On Water Slide Wins Nearly $20 Million

US | Eric Lieberman
Splashes of water left by a kid in a pool with a water slide. [Shutterstock - Olga Lipatova]

‘I would be shocked if there was a bigger one than that’

Man Gets 100 Years For Shooting Officer In The Face

US | Amber Randall
The handcuffs of a suspect (REUTERS/Jonathan Alcorn)

‘It was a bad day’

Kansas Prosecuting Illegal Immigrant For Casting Vote

Politics | Phillip Stucky
Caution Sign - Voter Fraud (Shutterstock/Jim Vallee)

‘A serious problem’

Results From One Of The First Big Elections Since Trump Won

Politics | Chuck Ross

Slim margin could signal trouble for GOP

Trump Throws Heft Into Special Election Contest In Kansas

Elections | Kerry Picket
Kansas voters at the polls in 2016 (KMBC 9 screen shot)
'There are more pro-Estes voters in the district, but the Democrats are more energized-driven by Trump-hate'

Trump Authorization Rescues Ranchers Racked By Wildfires

US | Thomas Phippen
Wildfire burns through landscape (Photo: Shutterstock/EC Photos)

As long as it doesn’t affect the lesser prairie chicken habitat

McDonald's Worker Fired For Ruining Officers' Sodas

US | Amber Randall
A passersby walks in front of a help wanted sign at a McDonalds restaurant in the Brooklyn borough of New York, March 7, 2014. REUTERS/Keith Bedford

‘This is extremely unacceptable!’

Army Vet With PTSD Sues Airline For Humiliating Her, Denying Service Dog Access To Flight

US | Jonah Bennett
Service Dog

‘Ummmm, you’re not trying to fly with that that?’

Kansas Middle School Suspends Teacher Over Alleged Racist Remarks

Education | Annabel Scott

‘The school administration promptly began an investigation of this concern’

The State Of Kansas Actually Cited Dred Scott In A Court Brief

Politics | Kevin Daley
A cotton picker is at work during this year's harvest in Karakalpakstan, Uzbekistan in this October 2015 photo courtesy of Anti-Slavery International released to Reuters on December 18, 2015. REUTERS/Simon Buxton/Anti-Slavery International/Handout

You know, the super-racist SCOTUS decision

FBI Foils Plot To Bomb Muslim Immigrant Apartment Building In Kansas

US | Rachel Stoltzfoos

‘If you’re a Muslim I’m going to enjoy shooting you in the head’

Conservative Surrounded At KU, Screamed At, Told To Leave School

Education | Blake Neff

‘This is hate speech!’

Police: The Debate Is Not A Reason To Call 911

Politics | Eric Lieberman
Left: [Drew Angerer/Getty Images] Right: [Justin Sullivan/Getty Images]

‘We realize politics can make emotions run high’