Nearly 1 In 5 Millennials Consider Joseph Stalin And Kim Jong Un 'Heroes'

US | Rob Shimshock
Red flags are seen on the top of the Great Hall of the People during the ongoing 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, in Beijing, China October 23, 2017. REUTERS/Jason Lee

‘This troubling turn highlights widespread historical illiteracy’

Hippies Hold Seance To Summon Communist Founder

US | Joshua Gill

‘Spookiest thing of all is capitalism’

College Student Calling Himself 'Karl Marx' Detained For Stabbing A Ball

Education | Rob Shimshock
Protestors attend a march organised by the Democratic People's Party members, part of the Lebanese Communist party, carrying a sickle, hammer and Kalashnikov rifle cut outs to mark Labour Day in Sidon, south Lebanon May 3, 2015. International Workers' Day, also known as Labour Day or May Day, commemorates the struggle of workers in industrialised countries in the 19th century for better working conditions. REUTERS/Ali Hashisho - GF10000082588

‘Sic semper tyrannus’

Poll: Tons Of Millennials Love Communism, Think Bush Was Worse Than Stalin

Politics | Blake Neff
JANUARY 1: An undated file photo of Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin. (Photo credit should read STF/AFP/Getty Images)

Stalin executed millions. Bush did not.

AP Reports Pope Francis Being Advised By Karl Marx

World | Kevin Daley
1983: a stamp printed in Cuba shows Karl Marx, Philosopher, Economist and Revolutionary Socialist, circa 1983

The Associated Press reported late Sunday that Karl Marx is a top advisor to Pope Francis.

A Signed Copy Of Marx's 'Das Kapital' Could Cost $170,000

World | Guy Bentley
1983: a stamp printed in Cuba shows Karl Marx, Philosopher, Economist and Revolutionary Socialist, circa 1983

Capitalists cash in on Marx’s most famous work

The Most Assigned Economist In American Colleges Is Karl Marx

Education | Alex Pfeiffer

‘The Communist Manifesto’ is listed in 3,189 different syllabi

Marxists Balk At Paying To See Their Hero's Grave

DC Trawler | Jim Treacher

Mourners condemn the means of obstruction

Obama Dismisses Wealthy Americans As 'Society's Lottery Winners'

Politics | Alex Griswold

‘There’s a fairness issue involved here…’

The Reds And The Blacks

Opinion | David Horowitz

How class war became race and gender war.

Deutsche Bank: Communism is alive in America

Business | Business Insider

The government’s hand is deeper in your pocket than meets the eye

A review of 'Ayn Rand Explained: From Tyranny to Tea Party'

Opinion | Michael R. Brown

Why Ronald E. Merrill’s updated classic got me thinking about ghosts, Karl Marx and ‘The Communist Manifesto.’

OPINION: Outlandish college courses: the public-school Dirty Dozen - TheDC Opinion

Education | Kate L. Edwards

Where are the classes that propose an honest discussion of conservatism?

Karl Marx on Obama's jobs plan

Feature:Opinion | Alan Reynolds

The president’s plan is so irresponsible that even Marx would object.

Obama the comedian

Opinion | Burt Prelutsky

How does President Obama get away with so many ridiculous lines?

ACLU vs. religious liberty

op-ed | Matt Barber

The ACLU is literally trying to criminalize Christianity.

Obama, Gaddafi, and the 'wrong side of history'

Opinion | Ken Blackwell

It’s hard to be on the “right side of history” when most of the time you are straddling the fence.

People who favor small government are not racist - TheDC

Feature:Opinion | James Lindgren

Surveys show that small-government advocates are substantially less likely to be racist than big-government advocates.