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Karl Rove Says If 'Bigot, Moron' Blankenship Wins West Virginia Primary, GOP Can 'Kiss Our Chances Goodbye'

Politics | Scott Morefield
Is the GOP really in this position again?

Rove Lectures 'Over-The-Top And Unnecessary' Trump -- 'The Bigger Problem Is...'

Politics | Christian Datoc
'I am afraid by focusing so much on these leaks, as unfair as they may be...'

Karl Rove Calls Out Dems For Attempting To Overthrow Trump

Elections | Christian Datoc
'First of all, let's be clear...'

Tucker Carlson Turns It Up To 450, Karl Rove Comes Out CRISPY

Politics | David Krayden
Well done

Karl Rove Responds To How He'll Vote In November

Politics | Jamie Weinstein

Rove: Hillary Can't Keep Promises She Made To Obama -- Why Should Voters Trust Her?

Elections | Christian Datoc
'Couldn't live up to her sacred promise made under oath'

Rove: The Clintons 'Do Good Things In A Bad Way'

Politics | Steve Guest
'This is stinky'

Karl Rove Breaks Out The White Board To Explain How Trump Can Win

Elections | Christian Datoc
If he takes ... he's president of the United States'

James Carville's Roast Is NSFW (But Read On, Anyway)

The Mirror | Betsy Rothstein
Bob Saget is a filthy, dirty old man.

How Paul Ryan Is Reacting To The Talk Of Crowning Him The Nominee

Elections | Steve Guest
'Get my name out of that!'

GOP Leaders Met With Elon Musk, Tim Cook To Discuss Stopping Trump

Elections | Blake Neff
Assembled in secretive Georgia conclave over the weekend

People Are Freaking Out That Karl Rove's Crossroads Got Tax Exempt Status

Politics | Juliegrace Brufke
Democrats are not happy

Karl Rove Goes On Quail Hunt, Bags Two Illegals Instead

US | Steve Guest
These guys were 'pros'

Trump's Female Employees Think He's Great, Just Not At Politics

Elections | Josh Fatzick
'Way ahead of the curve'

Rove: 'Feckless' Obama Allowed Russia To Fill Vacuum In Middle East, Syria

Politics | Christian Datoc
'Clear and provocative gesture.'

Hillary's Inbox: Boehner 'Alcoholic, Lazy, And Without Any Commitment To Any Principle'

Politics | Kerry Picket
'He is careworn and threadbare, banal and hollow, holding nobody's enduring loyalty'

'High Scrutiny': IRS Targeted Donors

US | Patrick Howley
'May find itself under high scrutiny. One can only hope'

Scott Walker's Lack Of Degree Doesn't Matter

Politics | Blake Neff
Experts: 'More in common with Bill Gates than a typical dropout'

One Time Ted Cruz Watched Porn With Supreme Court Justices

US | Josh Fatzick
'A slew of hard-core, explicit images'

Karl Rove: Only Way To Stop Gun Violence Is To Repeal Second Amendment

US | Christian Datoc
'The only way to guarantee ... is to remove guns from society'

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