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High Profile Media Women Plug 'Rejection' In Grad Speeches


Rejection is a good thing, really

The Best and Worst of Chelsea Clinton having a baby


Dumb, dumber and dumbest

LBJ is no civil rights hero

March on Washington Immigration.JPEG

Before the Kennedy assassination, Johnson was no friend of equality

Alec Baldwin gets down and dirty on Law & Order: SVU


Set your DVRs

Katie Couric releases her first web video for

Katie Couric

Not quite Morning Bro

HuffPost commenters rush to Ellen's defense after her 'transphobic' joke


Time to put on big girl panties

Newsbusters editor copes with gripping health scare


The diagnosis arrived on Tuesday

5 dumb Christmas week tweets from the media

Dumbest Tweets of The Week

Journalists ask dumb questions too

Is Katie Couric losing her edge? - Fox News

CBS Couric

Viewership for Couric’s show ‘Katie’ drops 30 percent in one year

Palin: 'I'm ecstatic we beat the 'perky one'' - TheDC

Sarah Palin

Former VP candidate gloats after trouncing Katie Couric in morning show duel

Sarah Palin to host 'Today' on Tuesday - TheDC

Sarah Palin

After ‘Good Morning America’ announced Katie Couric as a guest host, NBC gave a morning spot to Palin

Katie Couric to host 'Good Morning America' for one week - TheDC

Katie Couric

Former ‘Today Show’ host to fill in for Robin Roberts

Katie Couric on Sarah Palin interview: She 'just wanted me to be gone' - TheDC

Met Costume Gala

Former CBS host reflects on infamous 2008 interview with former vice presidential candidate, says Palin was ‘annoyed’ with her

Katie Couric's talk show to be named 'Katie' - TheDC

"American Woman: Fashioning A National Identity" Met Gala - Arrivals

Art for the show hit the Internet Monday with the catchphrase, ‘The Opportunity Begins September 6th’

Katie Couric's dad dies at age 90 - TheDC

The former journalist and father of Katie Couric passes away from Parkinson’s Disease

Katie Couric: Trump 'was just acting like a jackass for a while' - TheDC

Katie Couric

‘It’s as if he was abducted by aliens temporarily. He was just acting so strangely’

The new Oprah? - The DC

Katie Couric

Katie Couric to host new daytime talk show at ABC in the fall

The myth of Sarah Palin's stupidity - TheDC Opinion

Where did the media narrative that Palin is dumb come from?