Can Kazakhstan Broker A U.S.-Russian Rapprochement?

op-ed | Adam Ereli
Tensions between the USA and Russia have only increased since Trump took office

From Russia With Love: A Massive Cloud Of Radiation Is Drifting Over Europe

Energy | Tim Pearce
'Ruthenium-106 has been detected across Europe '

Trump May Save This US Industry Before Even Taking Office

Energy | Andrew Follett
Prices surged by more than 20% this week

Anti-Putin Facebook Post Lands Man In Prison

World | Eric Lieberman
Arrested for criticizing leader of foreign country

Uranium Prices Hit A 12-Year Low Due To Feds And Clinton Cronies

Energy | Andrew Follett
US uranium mining is on the decline as a result of extremely strict regulations

Congress Slams EPA For War On American Uranium

Energy | Andrew Follett
'We'll be 100 percent dependent on foreign uranium'

Here's What It's Like To Have Clinton Cronies Sell Out Your Industry

Energy | Andrew Follett
'Unless his friend Hillary Clinton is making money off of foreign owned companies doing the mining,'

China Buying Lots Of Oil From Saudi Arabia, Iran And Russia

Energy | Andrew Follett
Most of China’s foreign policy centers on attempts to acquire new oil.

There's A Cyber Surveillance Arms Race Raging In The Third World

Tech | Steve Ambrose

What Do Clinton Supporters Have Against American Uranium?

Energy | Andrew Follett
America's recent losses in uranium mining are the gain of Kazakhstan and Russia

Horrifying! Woman Dragged Kicking and Screaming Into 'Bride Kidnapping'

World | Erica Wenig
Screaming and flailing

How 'Is Vladimir Putin Dead' Trended On Russian Social

World | Ivan Plis
Will Putin Please Stand Up?

Kanye West slammed for performing for this dictator

Entertainment | Taylor Bigler
Kanye reportedly earned $3 million for performing for the wedding show

Kazakhstan praised as green energy hub

World | Michael Bastasch
Sierra Club hails country's environmental policies

New Boston suspects drove car with 'Terrorista #1' license plate

US | Patrick Howley
Also pictured with suspects in Times Square photo

Nice try: Student brings 35 foot long cheat sheet to test

World | Hal Libby
'It's a pity to see all that work com to nothing but he cheated, and that's not allowed'

Great success: Kazakh foreign minister thanks Borat

Entertainment | Taylor Bigler
Diplomat says the Sacha Baron Cohen comedy boosted tourism

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