ESPN: Hey Olbermann... YOU'RE FIRED!!!

Sports | Christian Datoc
Keith Olbermann (photo: Getty Images)


Is Keith Olbermann On His Way Out ESPN's Door?

The Mirror | Betsy Rothstein
Keith Olbermann

His contract will soon expire.

HOT TAKE: Keith Olbermann Wants To 'Suspend Tom Brady FOR AN ENTIRE YEAR!'

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‘Suspend him 24 hours for screwin’ around with the ball inflation, and then suspend him 364 days for STUPIDITY’

Olbermann: I'd Team With George W. Bush To Call Baseball Games

Politics | Matt K. Lewis
Former President George W. Bush and former Texas Rangers pitching great Nolan Ryan look at the field before Game 1 of the Rangers against the New York Yankees in their MLB ALCS playoff series in Arlington

‘The guy with the most serious sports chops: the most recent President Bush’

Keith Olbermann Once Apologized To POTUS For Committing Journalism

US | Alex Griswold

The former MSNBC host apologized for covering the Lewinsky scandal.

Why Keith Olbermann Is Wrong About Derek Jeter

Sports | Marc Sterne
New York Yankees shortstop Jeter shares a laugh during Major League Baseball game against the San Diego Padres in San Diego

Stat-crazy haters can say what they want; he’s been a credit to the game.

Visual of the day: a sex act with Keith Olbermann

The Mirror | Betsy Rothstein

You know it

Keith Olbermann FINALLY meets his match: A 13-year-old girl

DC Trawler | Jim Treacher
Keith Olbermann
Misogyny has no age barrier

Keith Olbermann piles on MSNBC after latest network meltdown

Politics | Katie McHugh
Keith Olbermann

‘Any adults in charge over there?’

The Mirror Questionnaire with Sydney Elaine Leathers

Entertainment | Betsy Rothstein

Anthony Weiner’s sexting partner answers our questions

Is the Left taking over sports, too?

Sports | Matt K. Lewis
Middle-aged hippies protesting the Redskins. AP.

And it’s not just because Keith Olbermann is back at ESPN

What Republican politician does Keith Olbermann praise in new show's debut?

Politics | Jamie Weinstein

Hint: It’s the big one from New Jersey

In honor of Al Gore’s love of the Earth, Keith Olbermann calls him a “clod”

| Jim Treacher

In honor of Al Gore’s love of the Earth, Keith Olbermann calls him a “clod”

And Keith Olbermann’s next ex-employer will be… ESPN!

| Jim Treacher

And Keith Olbermann’s next ex-employer will be… ESPN!

Keith Olbermann may return to cable

Entertainment | Gabe Finger

Former MSNBC host is ‘in serious discussions’ about hosting late-night talk show on ESPN2

Keith Olbermann takes jab at Rachel Maddow

Politics | Jeff Poor

Former ‘Countdown’ host swipes at his former colleague

Olby’s back, baby!

| Jim Treacher

Olby’s back, baby!

Keith Olbermann looks for a job: The secret emails revealed

Satire | Will Rahn and Jamie Weinstein

After a year off the air, Keith Olbermann has been emailing the heads of various TV networks