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Former Obama official admits fracking hasn't 'created an environmental problem for anyone'

'I believe hydraulic fracking is, in fact, safe'

What happens in Vegas... doesn't stay in Denver

Vegas Strip Arena MGM.JPEG

Sex and drugs agency goes to the city of lights

Former Interior Secretary joins law firm hired by BP

Ken Salazar

Salazar vowed in 2010 to ‘keep boot on the neck’ of BP over Deepwater Horizon

Interior secretary faces questions over wild horses program - TheDCNF


Taxpayers on the hook for $108k per day to feed corralled horses

Obama’s pick to head Dept of Interior gets the nod from environmentalists - TheDCNF


‘Change at that agency is desperately needed’

Interior secretary pressed to release findings on horse slaughter investigation

Wisconsin Sheriff Gun Ad.JPEG

‘We are troubled by your Department’s lack of response’

Interior Secretary Ken Salazar to leave Obama administration in March - TheDCNF


Critics say Salazar ‘presided over the most abysmal stewardship of public lands in recent history’

Interior Secretary Ken Salazar to leave Cabinet position in March

Ken Salazar

Salazar, 57, will have served a little more than four years in Obama’s Cabinet

Interior secretary may have violated law in Obama campaign appearance - TheDCNF

Ken Salazar

‘The violation is the use of his title in a political setting’

Critics: Interior shows preference to renewables while denying fossil fuels - TheDCNF

Ken Salazar

‘Unreliable, intermittent and expensive energy sources will receive preferential treatment’

Democrats tout 'energy independence' under Obama - TheDCNF


While oil and gas production has increased, it is not because of Obama administration policies, think tank president says

Congress pulls floor out from under Eisenhower Memorial Commission - TheDC

Eisenhower Memorial

Opponents of the design for the proposed national memorial to Eisenhower won a major victory

Salazar on Keystone pipeline: 'Really nothing' Obama administration 'can do' - TheDC

‘The president has moved and directed us to work very hard on the southern portion’

Interior Secretary: 'Not even Harry Potter' can lower gas prices - TheDC

Ken Salazar

Salazar says ‘everybody’ knows free market determines the price of oil

Erroneous MLK Memorial quote to be corrected, Interior secretary says - WaPo

Obama King Memorial

Park Service has 30 days to come up with a more accurate alternative the the current ‘drum major’ quote

Obama moves cautiously on new oil drilling - USA Today

Obama Drilling Moratorium

Entire west and east coasts of the continental U.S. remain out of bounds

Why Americans are paying a lot more for gas than they should be

New report reveals how administration manipulated regulators to keep Gulf of Mexico oil rigs idle for more than a year.

Reid calls Vitter's threat to block Salazar pay raise 'inappropriate coercison' - TheDC

Harry Reid

‘Salazar deserves better than to be strong armed while trying to do an important job’

Louisiana Sen. David Vitter drills Ken Salazar, blocks his raise - TheDC

Ken Salazar David Vitter

Citing ‘completely unsatisfactory’ performance, Vitter blocks a pay raise for the Interior Secretary

The Obama gas tax

Obama’s policies are driving up gas prices.