Obama moves cautiously on new oil drilling - USA Today

Politics | Bedford

Entire west and east coasts of the continental U.S. remain out of bounds

Why Americans are paying a lot more for gas than they should be

Opinion | Jim Adams

New report reveals how administration manipulated regulators to keep Gulf of Mexico oil rigs idle for more than a year.

Reid calls Vitter's threat to block Salazar pay raise 'inappropriate coercison' - TheDC

Politics | Amanda Carey

‘Salazar deserves better than to be strong armed while trying to do an important job’

Louisiana Sen. David Vitter drills Ken Salazar, blocks his raise - TheDC

Energy | Steven Nelson

Citing ‘completely unsatisfactory’ performance, Vitter blocks a pay raise for the Interior Secretary

The Obama gas tax

Editorial | Troy Senik

Obama’s policies are driving up gas prices.

Vitter slams admin for misleading oil drilling permit stat - TheDC

Politics | Amanda Carey

In a letter sent to Interior Secretary Ken Salazar and BOEMRE Director Michael Bromwich, Louisiana Sen. David Vitter points out conflicting DOJ stat on number of permits

Court rules feds can stall on drilling permit approvals - TheDC

Politics | Amanda Carey

A federal appellate court has said Interior Secretary does not have to comply with a previous court order to act on drilling permits in 30 days

Government report shows U.S. oil, natural gas reserves largest in world - TheDC

Energy | Amanda Carey

Amidst rising gas and oil prices, a new report released Thursday shows the U.S. leads China, Russia and others in fossil fuel supply

Obama's energy agenda: a 1970s repeat? - TheDC

Energy | Amanda Carey

The unrest in the Mid-East combined with Obama’s energy agenda are causing some to question whether the U.S. is heading toward another crisis

Congress launches counteroffensive to Obama's war on fossil fuels - TheDC Opinion

Energy | Deneen Borelli

A bipartisan coalition in Congress is finally pushing back against the president’s progressive energy agenda.

Salazar appeals to court in attempt to delay movement on Gulf drilling permits - TheDC

Politics | Amanda Carey

The Interior Secretary is fighting back against a court order to act on permitting oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico

Sen. Mary Landrieu confronts Interior Secretary Salazar on drilling - TheDC

Politics | Amanda Carey

The frustrated Louisiana senator grilled Salazar face to face Wednesday on his agency’s position on deep-water drilling

Salazar in deep water with both sides of drilling debate - TheDC

US | Amanda Carey

Interior Secretary Ken Salazar feels heat from both drilling advocates and environmentalists after issuing the first deep-water permit since last April

Deep drilling resumes... finally - TheDC

US | Amanda Carey

Cracking under political pressure, Salazar issues first deep-water permits in Gulf

EPA moving unilaterally to limit greenhouse gases - AP

Business | admin

The administration announces plans for developing new emissions standards over the next year

LCG prediction: GOP will win back House and Senate - TheDC

Politics | Steve Lombardo

CEO of Lombardo Consulting Group predicts GOP wave will be huge

S.E. Cupp's Diary: Election Edition! - TheDC

Politics | S.E. Cupp

This year’s midterms elections — historically snoozefests or geek rallies — have been anything but boring. In fact, they’ve been downright hilarious!

Are conservatives "anti-science"?

Opinion | Kendrick Macdowell

Conservatives don’t oppose science, they oppose the politicized predictions that scientists make.

TheDC Analysis: Offshore drilling moratorium's end is way overdue - TheDC

Energy | Vince Coglianese

Botched government handling of BP oil leak marked by misguided drilling ban’s very existence

Judge on drilling ban: second verse, same as the first - WSJ

Energy | interns

Decision strikes down second federal attempt at oil-drilling moratorium, noting it’s fundamentally the same as first challenge