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Toxic Culture At Voice Of America Exposed In Discrimination Lawsuit

op-ed | Kenneth Timmerman
It's high time for the White House to appoint a new management team

Christian Genocide In Iraq: The Patriarch's Plea

Opinion | Kenneth Timmerman
Without reconstruction in the Nineveh Plain, there will be no more Christians in Iraq in a few years.

America Has Lost Her "Voice"

Opinion | Kenneth Timmerman
Voice of America has been behaving with immaturity, lack of vision, and unprofessionalism.

The Next National Security Advisor Must Bring His Own Staff

Opinion | Kenneth Timmerman
I know a security threat when I see one -- and this is it.

State Department Nominee Must Tame The Bureaucratic Beast

Opinion | Kenneth Timmerman
We need a Secretary of State who will not flinch at the slings and arrows of the President’s political adversaries.

Did Hillary Make Unauthorized Release Of Classified Information On Bin Laden Raid?

Opinion | Kenneth Timmerman
Mrs. Clinton has shown by her behavior that she should not be given access to classified information in the future

EgyptAir And The Jihadi Problem

Opinion | Kenneth Timmerman
We need to name the enemy and act accordingly

Benghazi And Hillary: Will She Testify Before The Benghazi Select Committee?

Opinion | Kenneth Timmerman
Republicans want her on the stand. Democrats will try to block that.

House Intelligence Committee Report Obfuscates Benghazi Arms Smuggling

Opinion | Kenneth Timmerman
Some congressmen on the committee weren't even cleared to be briefed.

The evidence for Syrian chemical weapons use crumbles

Opinion | Kenneth Timmerman
No evidence, no authorization

Verify chemical weapons use before unleashing the dogs of war

Opinion | Kenneth Timmerman
The 'smoking gun' is a doctored report

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