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The evidence for Syrian chemical weapons use crumbles

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No evidence, no authorization

Verify chemical weapons use before unleashing the dogs of war

Syria-Intelligence Doubts.JPEG

The ‘smoking gun’ is a doctored report

Hagel the appeaser

In a 2006 speech, Chuck Hagel suggested he would have appeased Hitler.

Panetta stonewalls (again) on Benghazi-gate

Is anyone in charge of the Defense Department?

Chuck Hagel: the darling of Tehran

Hagel has a history of being soft on the Iranian regime.

Libya killings: We need a more muscular response

The Islamists are responding to what they perceive as US weakness.

Will Tel Aviv burn while Obama fiddles?

Even as the Iranian regime comes dangerously close to obtaining a nuclear weapon, the Obama administration refuses to take decisive action.

Wars past, and wars future

If Israel takes military action to defend itself against Iran, how will US policymakers react?

Iran negotiations just buying time – for Iran

The Obama administration’s flawed strategy for dealing with Iran is leading us toward war.

Politically correct --- and dead

Sen. Dick Durbin is trying to prevent law enforcement agencies from teaching personnel the truth about Islamic fundamentalism.

Jewish institutions in Capital Region at risk

Would-be suicide bomber Amine El Khalifi wanted to blow up a synagogue in the Washington area.

Iranian regime plays chess, we play checkers

The U.S. shouldn’t fall for the Iranian regime’s attempts to deflect the blame for its thwarted D.C. terror plot.

If only they had picked the right Mexican: Why I think the Iran-Saudi terror case is for real

The puzzle pieces fit together perfectly.