Obama: Economy Recovering, Stupid

Business | Tim Cavanaugh

Floundering president urges Americans to believe cherry-picked statistics, not their own lying eyes

Obama's choice for Fed chair: Hurting savers is good policy

Politics | Alex Pappas
Janet Yellen arrives to testify before U.S. Senate Banking Committee confirmation hearing in Washington

‘I understand that savers are hurt by this policy,’ Yellen says in softball Senate confirmation hearing

Consumer confidence on upward trend as economy seems to recover

Business | Sarah Hofmann

Poll shows five-year high of outlook on labor market and short-term prospects

Promise of immigration stimulus sparks dispute

Politics | Neil Munro

Economic growth vs. wage pressure

Niall Ferguson is sorry for saying Keynes didn't care about future because he was gay, had no kids

Education | Eric Owens

‘This was doubly stupid,’ now says Harvard prof

Fed members wary of continued monetary easing - TheDCNF

Business | Betsi Fores

In minutes from the committee’s most recent meeting in March, several members indicate concern over the current state and stability of the financial system.

Gun rights advocate and former Obama colleague: President used to treat him as 'evil' - TheDC

Guns and Gear | Jamie Weinstein
MANASSAS, VA (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

Economist John Lott: Obama refused to shake my hand

'Obamanomics:' Stimulating unemployment, inflation and despair

op-ed | Howard Rich

Perpetual ‘stimulation’ of the welfare state only stimulates additional government dependence.

The final nail in the Democrats' coffin

Opinion | Larry Kudlow

Government planners have created a stagflationary growth recession.

Democrats start to doubt Keynes - NYT

Politics | Chad Brady (admin)

A rift has emerged within the Democratic Party between liberal economists and elected officials who have shunned affiliation with the $787 billion stimulus

Rethinking Keynes: Dems wrestle with failed stimulus - NYT

Politics | interns

The Fed could face increasing pressure to deploy monetary policy to lift the economy out of a rut — a prospect that has unsettled officials at the central bank

Democrats' flawed logic on taxes

Opinion | J.D. Thorpe

Obama’s reliance on class-warfare and statism punishes success and hinders recovery.

No time to be timid -- tax cuts and spending hikes

Opinion | Jamie Dettmer

We should be cutting taxes and increasing spending. We can worry about the debt later.

OPINION: Killing Keynesianism? - Washington Times

Business | Jeff Winkler (admin)

With government already so large, stimulus spending has little effect

Supply-side Keynesianism

Opinion | Frank Hill

We need to cut taxes and spending, not just taxes.

Was Keynes a Keynesian?

Opinion | Frank Hill

Would John Maynard Keynes himself even agree with the Obama administration’s policies?

OPINION: Obama is no Reagan

Business | interns

A deep recession knocked Reagan’s approval rating down and Republicans took a beating in the 1982 mid-terms. But he won a landslide second election. President Obama hopes to repeat this feat

TheDC analysis: Crossing the trillion-dollar economic Rubicon - TheDC

US | Matt O'Connor

Has the United States crossed a virtual economic point of no return?

Why Keynes was wrong - Forbes

Business | interns

MBA despairs for the current state of macroeconomics

Alan Blinder and Mark Zandi's Keynesian black box

Opinion | Alan Reynolds

We should have learned from the White House’s reliance on Mr. Zandi’s forecasts in January 2009 that magical “multipliers” yanked from some forecaster’s black box are evidence of nothing