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Anti-Keystone billionaire pretty much just a partisan hack

Tom Steyer

Won’t target pro-pipeline Democrats in 2014

Obama's energy secretary just backed building more oil pipelines

U.S. Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz sits for an interview at the Department of Energy in Washington
'A better record in terms of cost, in terms of emissions and in terms of safety'

Liberals abandon greens, back away from Keystone XL opposition

Ed Schultz Keystone

‘Resolve this bizarre distraction of an issue’

Off the reservation: MSNBC's Ed Schultz clashes with greenies over his SUPPORT of Keystone Pipeline

‘We’ve been doing some investigations into the conflicts of interest’

ANALYSIS: Green hypocrisy in Keystone XL pipeline opposition

Protesters against the proposed Keystone pipeline hold placards across the street from where U.S. President Obama was to hold a Democratic Party fundraiser, in San Francisco

Where is the real conflict of interest?

'There's nothing complex about the Keystone Pipeline!' Boehner urges Obama to approve project

MSNBC contributor: ‘The consequences for our environment are epic!’

Anti-Keystone XL pipeline protests across the U.S. met with cold weather, snow

Protesters rally about the Keystone XL oil pipeline along U.S. President Barack Obama's motorcade as he arrives at the Jefferson Hotel in Washington

Pipeline brrrrrings out the protesters

Gas prices over $3 in every state in the country

The Shell logo sign is seen at one of its gas station next to the current fuel prices display in Westminster, Colorado

Are Obama’s energy policies working?

Bobby Jindal: Opposition to Keystone Pipeline now 'purely ideological'

'This is a no-brainer'

Obama Chief of Staff refuses to address Keystone Pipeline after inconvenient report

'What would stop him from saying yes at this point?'

Anti-Keystone XL ad to air during Obama State of the Union

U.S. President Obama pauses during year-end news conference in the White House briefing room in Washington

‘The Keystone project will create thousands of jobs’

Amash attacked for opposing 'earmarked' Keystone XL pipeline bill

Justin Amash

‘Of course I support the Keystone pipeline’

Oil begins flowing through Keystone pipeline, environmentalists cry

A worker cleans up leaked oil after last week's explosion of a Sinopec Corp oil pipeline in Huangdao

‘As a strategy for arousing passion, it is dynamite’

Senate Dems urge Obama to approve Keystone XL pipeline

Joe Manchin

‘Go up and see what’s happening’

REGRET: Will the Keystone pipeline be environmentalists' Waterloo?


Worry spreads on liberal blogs

Guess how big the weekend's Keystone protests were

Obama Keystone.JPEG

Pretty cool, bros

See the latest anti-Keystone campaign

Obama spoke at the TransCanada Stillwater pipe yard in Cushing, Oklahoma about the Keystone XL pipeline and his energy policies. Mandel Ngan/Getty Images.

‘They never let a crisis go to waste’

Will Keystone raise carbon emissions?


‘The answer to the president’s Keystone XL climate challenge is clear’

When will Obama issue Keystone pipeline decision?

Obama Keystone.JPEG

‘They’re being quite creative’

This man blames the 'radical left' for blocking Keystone

Bobby Jindal

‘What the extremist left is arguing against is affordable energy’