Historic Bill Cosby Mural Vandalized In DC

Daily Caller News Foundation | Josh Fatzick
People walk past a mural of US President Barack Obama(L) and comedian Bill Cosby painted on the side of Ben's Chili Bowl in Washington, DC, December 4, 2014. AFP PHOTO / Jim WATSON (Photo credit should read JIM WATSON/AFP/Getty Images)

Replaced with someone even more universally hated

South Korea Trolled The North With Cheerful K-Pop Music

Daily Caller News Foundation | Ivan Plis
South Korean girl band Girls' Generation-TTS performs at 2nd Gaon Chart K-Pop Awards held in Seoul on February 13, 2013. (Starnews/AFP/Getty Images)

‘Don’t waste your beautiful youth for the North Korean dictatorship!’

Kim Jong-Un Invites 'Idiots' Of U.S. Congress To North Korea

World | Emmakristina Sveen

North Korea: ‘They can come and visit our country immediately’

You Might Be Surprised By How Much Kim Kardashian Knows About Kim Jong-Un

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Or maybe you won’t

Kim Jong-un: North Korea's 'Terminator'

Opinion | James Zumwalt
KCNA picture of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un watching the test-fire of a strategic submarine underwater ballistic missile

Is the recent execution for real?

Report: North Korea Executes Defense Secretary With Anti-Aircraft Gun

Daily Caller News Foundation | Josh Fatzick
Photo Credit: Getty Images

He fell asleep during a meeting

North Korea's Internet Could Be Under A Major Attack

Tech | Giuseppe Macri
File photo shows North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un holding up his ballot during the fifth session of the 12th Supreme People's Assembly of North Korea in Pyongyang

‘It’s as if North Korea got erased from the global map of the Internet’

Evidence Linking North Korea To Sony Hack 'Pretty Weak'

Tech | Giuseppe Macri
Sook, played by Diana Bang with Aaron, played by Seth Rogen and Dave played by James Franco in Columbia Pictures' The Interview

Multiple experts poke holes in the FBI’s evidence against North Korea

North Korea Threatens US, Denies Responsibility For Sony Hack

World | Katie Frates
Kim Jong-Un Death Scene The Interview Ending

The regime claims it has ‘already launched the toughest counteraction’

Clooney: Hollywood Refused To Stand Up To Threats Against Sony

Entertainment | Derek Hunter
George Clooney smiles as he arrives by taxi boat to the venue of a gala dinner ahead of his official wedding ceremony in Venice

Got zero support for letter against ‘The Interview’ threats

Kim Jong-Un Death Scene From 'The Interview' Hits The Web

Entertainment | Derek Hunter

Terrorists may have stopped the movie, but they can’t stop the Internet

America's Biggest Movie Theater Chains Drop 'The Interview' Over Sony Hackers Threat

Tech | Giuseppe Macri

Almost half of all U.S. theaters drop film ahead of Dec. 25 debut

Mark Steyn: Obama Thinks He's Running 'One-Man State'

Politics | Alex Griswold

‘The president’s idea of law is what you can get away with.’

First Kim Jong-Un, Now Putin: Dennis Rodman Says Russian President Is 'Actually Cool'

Video | Al Weaver

Ho hum, another day in the life of the worm

New Evidence Suggests North Korea Hacked Sony Over Seth Rogen Comedy About Killing Kim Jong-un

Tech | Giuseppe Macri

Email claiming to originate from hackers describes film as ‘dangerous’

Dennis Rodman Claims Responsibility For North Korean Release Of American Detainees

Entertainment | Kaitlan Collins

Kim Jong Un’s best friend says letter he wrote influenced the dictator

Kim Jong-Un Is So Fat He Broke His Ankles

Video | Seth Richardson

Nom nom nom

North Korea Dictator Looks Weak In New Video

Video | Aaron Bandler

A noticeable limp