Impatient, Obama sharply questions Mubarak pledge - AP

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President Obama on Thursday openly and sharply questioned the sincerity of Egyptian President Mubarak’s pledge to shift power to his vice president

Report: Clapper tags Al-Qaida as America's number one threat - AP

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Clapper will report to Congress how the intelligence community tracked two major revolts amongst US allies in the Arab world

Around the world, a race against time bombs in air - AP

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Alerted to the plot by Saudi intelligence, security officials chased the two packages across five countries, trying frantically over the next two days to prevent an explosion that could have come at any moment

Terrorist bombers may have targeted aircraft - AP

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Powerful explosives addressed to Chicago synagogues may have been intended to destroy the planes they were sent on

No disciplinary action for officials in the deaths of 7 CIA workers - AP

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No intelligence officials will be fired or disciplined for failing to prevent a 2009 suicide bombing in Afghanistan that killed seven CIA employees

Quran-burning suspended, not canceled - AP

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Later outside his church Pastor Jones he said that the imam he thought he made the deal with “‘clearly, clearly lied to us’ about moving the mosque

Petraeus: 'Burn a Koran Day' could endanger US troops - AP

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Gen. Petraeus warned Tuesday an American church’s threat to burn copies of the Muslim holy book could endanger U.S. troops in the country and Americans worldwide

First woman to head major US intelligence agency - AP

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Letitia A. Long is being elevated Monday to director of the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency

Unexploded bomb vest found in Uganda; 4 arrested - AP

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Investigators found an unexploded suicide vest with ball bearings in a disco hall in Uganda’s capital

Predator strike reportedly kills al-Qaida No. 3 - AP

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In what could be one of the hardest blows to al-Qaida since the U.S. campaign began, the group’s No. 3, Sheikh Sa’id al-Masri, is believed to be dead

Blair’s resignation: A symptom of a more serious problem

Editorial | Ed Ross

Every new president makes some wrong personnel choices at the beginning of his administration. They soon recognize their mistakes and replace those individuals with people who do a better job. Where the security of the country from terrorist attacks is concerned, however, those mistakes can have grave consequences for the American people

Pentagon's Clapper may lead intelligence agencies - AP

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The defense undersecretary for intelligence, is likely to replace National Intelligence Director Dennis Blair