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US Ambassador Sworn In On A Kindle

New Amazon Kindle products (L-R), Kindle

Paper’s just so old school

How to hack your new Kindle with LEGOs [VIDEO]

University professor creates device to bypass digital security

Amazon says 2011 'best holiday ever' for Kindle - AP

Amazon Kindle Sales.JPEG

Kindle Fire is expected to be one of the first true competitors to Apple’s iPad

Research firm: Amazon tablet costs $201.70 to make - AP

Amazon Kindle Tablet.JPEG

The most expensive part of the Kindle Fire is the 7-inch color touch screen, which costs $87

Used bookstores well positioned to benefit from e-book apocalypse - Business Insider


The corner bookstore is supposed to go extinct once Amazon takes over the world

Amazon Kindle Fire Smolders A Few Necessities - CNET

Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet

CNET Editors review of Amazon Kindle Fire finds tablet lacking on a few details.

Concerns about Amazon's potential Palm buy - Geekwire

Amazon Kindle Tablet.JPEG

Concerns about Amazon’s potential Palm buy | A report by VentureBeat overnight quotes an anonymous source saying that is ‘in serious negotiations’ to buy Palm from HP

Amazon releases Kindle Fire tablet - Engadget

Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet

Will sell for $199

Amazon to sell cheaper Kindle with on-screen ads - AP Inc. is dropping the price on its Kindle e-reader, but the change comes with a trade-off: On-screen ads

Study: iPad and Kindle can co-exist - TIME

There’s no need for iPad and Kindle manufacturers to hate on each other: A study says the two can co-exist just fine

Kindle3 best selling product in history, eclipses last Harry Potter book sales - NYDN

The new Kindle3 is Amazon’s best selling product of all time, beating out the final Harry Potter installment

Outrage: Amazon sells book offering advice to pedophiles - AP

Public anger, generated on the Internet, could lead to a boycott of the retailer

Kindle cost cut to $139 as price war begins - NYT

New Kindle is smaller and lighter, with higher contrast screens and crisper text

Barnes & Noble and Amazon wage e-reader price war - PC World

Barnes & Noble and Amazon have both significantly cut the prices of their e-readers

E-books threaten book retailing - WSJ

Booksellers giving floor space to displaying non-books

Ask Matt Labash: Vol. V

I mean, for the love of Ernie Pyle, look at me. I’m at the top of the journalism heap. I’m answering questions for 20 percent of nothing on a startup Web site for readers with no last names!

Free Kindle app for BlackBerry users - THE WASHINGTON POST

Called “Kindle for Blackberry”, the free application allows customers using BlackBerry devices on AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon, and other U.S. carriers easy wireless access to Kindle books

Digital Society: Preserving the open and competitive bandwidth market

Something unfortunate happened in the search for Net Neutrality and an “open Internet”. We have essentially been asked to suspend economic reason and accept the premise that the commodity of Internet server bandwidth is not a free market but a low-cost fixed rate service.