The New Kindle Finally Gets It

Daily Dealer | Jack Kocsis
The Kindle Oasis make reading fun again (Photo via Amazon)

Took them long enough

US Ambassador Sworn In On A Kindle

Tech | Lauren Eissler
New Amazon Kindle products (L-R), Kindle

Paper’s just so old school

How to hack your new Kindle with LEGOs [VIDEO]

Tech | Giuseppe Macri

University professor creates device to bypass digital security

Amazon says 2011 'best holiday ever' for Kindle - AP

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Kindle Fire is expected to be one of the first true competitors to Apple’s iPad

Research firm: Amazon tablet costs $201.70 to make - AP

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The most expensive part of the Kindle Fire is the 7-inch color touch screen, which costs $87

Used bookstores well positioned to benefit from e-book apocalypse - Business Insider

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The corner bookstore is supposed to go extinct once Amazon takes over the world

Amazon Kindle Fire Smolders A Few Necessities - CNET

Tech | Josh Peterson

CNET Editors review of Amazon Kindle Fire finds tablet lacking on a few details.

Concerns about Amazon's potential Palm buy - Geekwire

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Concerns about Amazon’s potential Palm buy | A report by VentureBeat overnight quotes an anonymous source saying that is ‘in serious negotiations’ to buy Palm from HP

Amazon releases Kindle Fire tablet - Engadget

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Will sell for $199

Amazon to sell cheaper Kindle with on-screen ads - AP

Business | admin Inc. is dropping the price on its Kindle e-reader, but the change comes with a trade-off: On-screen ads

Study: iPad and Kindle can co-exist - TIME

| Laura Donovan

There’s no need for iPad and Kindle manufacturers to hate on each other: A study says the two can co-exist just fine

Kindle3 best selling product in history, eclipses last Harry Potter book sales - NYDN

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The new Kindle3 is Amazon’s best selling product of all time, beating out the final Harry Potter installment

Outrage: Amazon sells book offering advice to pedophiles - AP

| Pat McMahon

Public anger, generated on the Internet, could lead to a boycott of the retailer

Kindle cost cut to $139 as price war begins - NYT

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New Kindle is smaller and lighter, with higher contrast screens and crisper text

Barnes & Noble and Amazon wage e-reader price war - PC World

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Barnes & Noble and Amazon have both significantly cut the prices of their e-readers

E-books threaten book retailing - WSJ

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Booksellers giving floor space to displaying non-books

Ask Matt Labash: Vol. V

Ask Matt Labash | Matt Labash

I mean, for the love of Ernie Pyle, look at me. I’m at the top of the journalism heap. I’m answering questions for 20 percent of nothing on a startup Web site for readers with no last names!

Free Kindle app for BlackBerry users - THE WASHINGTON POST

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Called “Kindle for Blackberry”, the free application allows customers using BlackBerry devices on AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon, and other U.S. carriers easy wireless access to Kindle books