7 women who DEFINITELY knew about A-Rod's steroid problem

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From a stripper to an Oscar winner and a WWE wrestler

NYC comptroller candidate, ex-madam arrested for selling prescription drugs

Politics | Caroline May

‘Unbecoming for a person seeking public office in the City of New York’

Spitzer nemesis Roger Stone gears up for fight

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‘It’s like Christmas in July’

An ex-madam's take on the Anna Gristina prostitution bust

Feature:Opinion | Kristin Davis

There’s more to this story than the authorities are letting on.

Obama's foolish war on marijuana

Opinion | Kristin Davis

The president has flip-flopped on medicinal marijuana.

Celebrity PSA: Famine is the new 'F-word' - TheDC

Entertainment | interns

Advocacy group ONE pushes celeb- and politician-driven anti-hunger message

The real Eliot Spitzer

Feature:Opinion | Kristin Davis

Why I’m not surprised that Spitzer is again facing legal scrutiny.

Ex-Manhattan Madam: ABC News has 'no balls' - TheDC

Entertainment | Alex Pappas

Davis says network should man up, air interview with her claiming she supplied ex-IMF chief with call girls

Spitzer madam says she also 'supplied' IMF chief with women - Telegraph

US | Steven Nelson (admin)

Kristin Davis claims that alleged rapist Strauss-Kahn paid $1,200 cash for two-hour sessions

Spitzer's former madam will run for New York mayor if he does - TheDC

Politics | Steven Nelson

‘If Spitzer throws his black socks in the ring I may have to throw in my lacy brassiere,’ says ex-madam Kristin Davis

Kristin Davis against 'Sex and the City' prequel - THR

Entertainment | Laura Donovan

‘SATC’ actress Kristin Davis joins co-star Sarah Jessica Parker in opposing the prospect of a prequel to the popular HBO show

Does our society not care about prostitutes?

Editorial | Kristin Davis

Why it’s time to decriminalize prostitution.

Craigslist killer movie shows why prostitution should be decriminalized

Opinion | Kristin Davis

The new movie, in addition to belittling the murder of my friend, shows why criminalizing prostitution hurts women.

No ghostwriter for me

Opinion | Kristin Davis

New York gubernatorial candidate Kristin Davis refutes allegations that she used “cheat sheets” during last week’s gubernatorial debate.

No surprises in New York gubernatorial debate - TheDC

Politics | Amanda Carey

In their one and only debate, none of the seven candidates for New York governor delivered any surprises

Marijuana: the victimless crime that costs New York State $15 billion a year

Feature:Opinion | Kristin Davis

New York’s pot ban is costing the state $15 billion a year if you account for lost tax revenue, lost economic activity and enforcement costs.

'Client 9' movie debunked

Opinion | Roger Stone

Call girl fingers Spitzer.

Former madam is running for New York governor - CNN

Politics | Pat McMahon

Independent candidate Kristin Davis, who claims to have provided escorts to Eliot Spitzer, is one of eight candidates on the ballot in November

'Manhattan Madam' Kristin Davis still bashing Spitzer - NY Post

Entertainment | Julia McClatchy (admin)

While she doesn’t have much chance of winning election, Kristin Davis was making a lot of sense the other night to Jeffrey Lichtman

N.Y. madam's revenge - The Daily Caller

Politics | Julia McClatchy (admin)

N.Y. madam’s revenge