ku klux klan

Sessions' Civil Rights Record Purposely Overlooked By Detractors

Opinion | Sean Reyes
Jeff Sessions should be confirmed as the next Attorney General of the United States.

Horde Descends On Small Town To Protest Non-Existent KKK Rally, Blocks Traffic

US | Rachel Stoltzfoos
Didn't stop them from blocking traffic

University Hides Artwork Behind Curtain To Protect Students' Feelings

Education | Blake Neff
God forbid anybody get triggered

Another College May Rename Its Buildings To Not Be Racist

Education | Blake Neff
Buildings named after racists denounced as unsafe

Another University Refuses To Erase This Scumbag Klan-Loving Progressive's Name From Campus

Education | Eric Owens
'Studying history allows you to learn from past mistakes and do better'

College Students Once Again Hallucinate KKK On Campus

Education | Blake Neff
KKK hallucinations are oddly common on American campuses

KKK Grand Dragon Endorses Hillary's 'Hidden Agenda'

Elections | Rachel Stoltzfoos
'Her true colors are going to show'

Far More People Claim Alien Abduction Than KKK Membership

Politics | Scott Greer
And other examples of the Klan's irrelevance

Limbaugh Suggests Trump Didn't Disavow KKK So He Doesn't 'Tick Off' Potential Voters

Elections | Steve Guest
'Maybe he's nervous after that debate'

Flashback: The Time Hillary Clinton Praised Former KKK Member Sen. Robert Byrd

Politics | Steve Guest
Clinton: 'I sought out his guidance, and he was always generous with his time and his wisdom'

Police: KKK Members Acted In Self-Defense In Anaheim Fight

US | Alexa Santry
'They would have torn these folks limb from limb'

MSNBC Host Discovers Black Trump Supporter. You Have To See What Happens Next

Elections | Blake Neff
'Obviously the majority of Trump's supporters are not African-American'

Hewitt: Trump's Refusal To Disavow KKK Is His '47 Percent' Moment

Elections | Steve Guest
It will be 'devastating' to Trump in November

Trump's Excuse For Not Disavowing KKK: 'I Had A Lousy Earpiece'

Elections | Steve Guest
'I disavowed David Duke all weekend long on Facebook, on Twitter and, obviously, it's never enough'

Media, Twitter Freak Out About Probably Fake KKK Trump Backers

Elections | Blake Neff
Supposed white supremacists may have just been black guys

The Daily Caller Presents: The Biggest, Dumbest Race Hoaxes And Fake Hate Crimes On Campus In 2015

Education | Eric Owens
A bumper crop

Mass Hysteria In Mizzou: Students Concoct Imaginary KKK Presence

Education | Blake Neff
Student body president confirms, then admits it was all bogus

Anonymous Fires First, Releases KKK Names

Tech | Steve Ambrose

Mayor's Husband Ends Up In KKK Costume On Facebook, Blames Beers

US | Jacob Bojesson
When you've had one too many

TEST YOUR KNOWLEDGE: Are These Workshops From A Ku Klux Klan Rally Or The 2015 White Privilege Conference?

Education | Eric Owens
Can you spot the racists?

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